Watch lewloh perform ‘summer boy’ and ‘grow together’ for NME Home Sessions

The Singaporean singer-songwriter delivers acoustic renditions of tracks from his new album ‘michigan/missinghim’

For the latest edition of NME’s Home Sessions, we’re joined by Singaporean singer-songwriter lewloh for an acoustic live performance of his new tracks ‘summer boy’ and ‘grow together’.

The two songs appear on his recently released sophomore album, ‘michigan/missinghim’, which was produced with Nashville-based producer Isaiah Beard (Baerd) and Joshua Evan Lee. The record explores the idea of second love through 13 cinematic tracks that tell the stories of romance, heartbreak, longing, and everything in between.

For his NME Home Sessions, the singer born Lewis Loh strips things back with the help of musicians Vishaal Raj Giri and Lisa Haryono as they take the ‘michigan/missinghim’ tracks outdoors. Filmed at fellow singer-songwriter Linying’s cosy garden, the performance opens with the trio on a swing as they dive into ‘summer boy’. The song, lewloh has said, is about “the finite time you had with someone, and wishing you were easy-going whilst you were in that relationship”.


It is later followed by the second song, ‘grow together’, which features Vishaal on an acoustic guitar and Lisa providing backup vocals.

You can watch lewloh’s full NME Home Sessions performance above now.

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