Watch Milan Ring perform ‘Sydney Hue’ and ‘Pick Me Up’ for NME Home Sessions

The rising Australian artist delivers a warm two-song set from her living room

For the latest edition of NME Home Sessions, Sydney-based R&B artist Milan Ring delivers a special live performance of her tracks ‘Sydney Hue’ and ‘Pick Me Up’.

The two songs offer a taste of the singer/songwriter’s spectacular 2021 debut album, ‘I’m Feeling Hopeful’. Showcasing the range in her sound, ‘Sydney Hue’ creates a slow, reverb-heavy ambience, while the alternative R&B of ‘Pick Me Up’ fittingly raises the tempo in keeping with its title. Ring’s soothing vocals add further warmth to her living room, the setting of her exclusive NME performance.

“It’s such a clear visual to me, what this city looks like at dusk: industrial, a beautiful, polluted glow,” Ring said of Sydney when speaking about the first song last year. “‘Sydney Hue’ is one of those songs that always played out in my head like a movie. Blue hour, when the sun has set yet the remaining light glistens across jagged edges of the high rise buildings. Blurred street lights and peoples faces reflect on my windscreen, as I drive through streets that burst with life yet feel so lonely.


“I am filled with memories and nostalgia until everything builds and swirls into chaos, cars collide, guitars squeal and we call out to one another – even if only in thought.”

Ring’s NME Home Sessions performance concludes with a spirited solo rendition of ‘Pick Me Up’, where she performs an extended intro of harmonies in lieu of Chicago rapper Jean Deaux’s opening verse on the recorded version. Ring’s performance here oozes with confidence, as she creates spellbinding notes that’ll transport you to the underground nightclubs hinted at in the track.

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