Watch Miss Grit play ‘Talk Talk’, ‘Impostor’ & ‘Dark Side of the Party’ at NME’s Girls To The Front

Earlier this month, Miss Grit joined us for NME‘s Girls To The Front show for International Women’s Day 2021.

Initially created as a live event series showcasing female and non-binary artists while also championing gigs as safe spaces for people of all genders, for IWD we brought Girls to the Front online.

Beginning with the tranquil ‘Talk Talk’, taken from the EP of the same name, Miss Grit’s set was an unfussy and intelligent showcase. Sharing cuts from both her recent EP ‘Imposter’ and the aforementioned ‘Talk Talk’ EP, Miss Grit’s Girls To The Front performance was a stunning, stripped back showing of her gorgeous electronic music.


Across the performance, we were treated to not one but two Miss Grits – one playing a modular synth and omnichord, the other (appearing on a screen behind the first) on bass and guitar – with the two performers passing vocal lines between each other, adding to the soft space-age atmosphere created by the performance.

You can watch Miss Grit’s full performance of ‘Talk Talk’, ‘Impostor’ & ‘Dark Side of the Party’ above.

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