10 UK hyper-rap stars you need to know

As the rebellion new generation of pop and rap stars take over the world, here are some artists to keep your eyes out for

Hyper-pop is the rebellious revamp of pop music, providing a sensory overload for those who love over-exaggerated melodies. Stars such as Charli XCX, 100Gecs and more are championing this change, but in rap music, trap stars-turned-rockstars like Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti are taking the new hyperactive sub-genre on and fusing it with the already computerised nature of trap music.

In comes hyper-rap; the anarchic baby of hyper-pop and trap music. Infusing hyper-pop with the new generation’s love for punk rock and its culture, deafening 808s and garbled, distorted production, hyper-rap delights the angriest of ragers out there. And here are 10 essential artists you need to know about from the nascent hyper-rap scene.



The south Londoner’s abrasive sound is steadily increasing his chances of being the UK’s next big rap superstar. Already gaining critical acclaim internationally via Lyrical Lemonade, Len seems to be the one that everyone has their eyes on right now. He’s obsessed with unpredictable genre-blending sounds. He’s hyperactive and his computerised sound is what loads of budding UK hyper-pop and hyper-rap fans are currently enjoying.

Lancey Foux

Foux is the OG of the whole hyper-rap scene over this side of the pond. He is the blueprint; the first of the scene to rub shoulders with big names like Ye and Skepta, but not the last to fall in love with racy instrumentals and skippy grime flows. Lancey Foux has a legacy in UK music that some still haven’t appreciated yet, but will surely know about soon. Always defying the status-quo on what it is to be in the UK rap scene, he never goes by trends and tries to be as avant-garde as possible. He brought over the Atlanta trap sound, fused it with British qualities like grime and garage, and birthed all the cool, high-octane sounds of now.

bib sama.

Taking inspiration from hybrid rap superstars like Lancey, as well as his love for anime and its soundtracks, bib sama’s a refreshing take on what UK rap can be and where it can go. He does everything: nu-grime, hyperrap, nu garage – you name it. And after five years of being on the production side of things, as well as gaining a TikTok following in love with his transparent rise to fame, it’s finally time for him to show off his cocksure lyricism. This north Londoner is a malleable musician ready to go far.



There’s quite a fun-loving nature to this star. Sometimes his music isn’t as textured or as sonically exciting as some of the other hyper-pop and hyper-rap artists mentioned on this list, but there’s always glimpses of that futuristic anarchic nature of hyper-rap. Kasien is a true chameleon when it comes to the music he makes, able to have a song for any type of person. And that’s the power of this hybrid music world we’re currently in.


This Reading-based star is all for sticky flows and staccato choruses. Over his UK self-proclaimed “crash” sound, he draws on the melodic freedom of the early SoundCloud rap scene with synth-heavy beats for ultimate feel-good party tunes. Pablomari is probably the most familiar-sounding star on this list as he rips from Playboi Carti’s baby-voiced delivery and spasmodic beats, but once he layers his British vocals atop, it seems to change the whole demeanour of his sound.


This teenager is more on the cusp between hyper-rap and hyper-pop, but is still great nonetheless. He’s an exuberant star from the Midlands who lives a double life between being a teen in the UK while making waves in the SoundCloud underground scene with his friends across the pond. With co-signs under his belt from the likes of D0llywood1, he’s a vetted superstar that is waiting on you to get hip to his ways.


This hyperactive star sometimes uses thrashing electric guitar notes in his eclectic collection of music. He’s bolshy and unapologetically loud – and that’s what makes him great. For those who love the abrasiveness of thrash metal and other forms of hardcore rock, Fimiguerreo gives you that outlet to just lash out and feel free, and that’s what hyper-rap is about.

Denzel Himself

Switching up from his soulful alt-rap start, Denzel Himself is starting to apply a more hardcore bassline to his music that feels synonymous with hyperrap. His latest EP, last year’s ‘M.T.V’, is a unique take on what hyper-rap can be. His understated demeanour lays surprisingly well over the skittish melodies and pounding basslines, and his new direction is exactly what’s cool about this new post-rap world that hyper-rap lives in.


There’s a fun-loving nature about OG KEMi. Simply having fun over energetic trap beats, he’s a great addition to this list. Sometimes his music isn’t as texturally or sonically busy as the others. He is partial to a soothing jazz sample. Still, there are always glimpses of that futuristic anarchic nature of hyperrap in this star. KEMi is a true chameleon when it comes to the music he makes, and is diversely relatable. And that’s the power of this hybrid music world we’re currently in.


Although this is a list of rappers, RADA is making a shift to hyper-pop by incorporating the expected, racing sounds with her ethereal vocals. She has laid down some hooks for some of her rap peers like the aforementioned Pablomari, as well as garnered much respect from those within her scene. In the small, bubbling hyper-rap scene in the UK, there are not as many women making waves through it compared to the poppier side, but hopefully RADA is the start of that shift.

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