Watch Body Type perform ‘The Charm’, ‘A Line’ and ‘Sex & Rage’ for NME Home Sessions

The Sydney quartet provide all the riffs you could ask for during their searing three-song set

NME Home Sessions is back with a bang – and it’s all thanks to Body Type.

The Sydney four-piece’s exclusive three-song live set for NME, which features a trio of tracks from their exhilarating 2022 debut album ‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’, is packed full of scuzzy riffs, clattering drums and lyrical defiance.

Filmed in guitarist/co-vocalist Sophie McComish’s artfully-lit garage, Body Type – who are completed by McComish’s fellow guitarist/vocalist Annabel Blackman, drummer Cecil Coleman and bassist/vocalist Georgia Wilkinson-Derums – tear through ‘The Charm’ (which was written by McComish to “challenge the male ego and try to emulate it from a female perspective”), ‘A Line’ and ‘Sex & Rage’ from their debut LP for our listening pleasure.


‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’ was recorded in just eight days, but the band made every second count during the recording process.

“It only took us like eight days, we just went in and smashed it out and completed a project together completely self-funded,” McComish told NME earlier this year. “I keep using the word empowering, but it did feel very empowering.”

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