Every LOONA song ranked in order of greatness

Hot on the heels of girl group’s new special album ‘Flip That’, we look back on their expansive discography

Long before their debut, LOONA, known in Korean as 이달의 소녀 (translates to “Girl of The Month”) have been earnestly putting together one of the most prolific, diverse discographies in K-pop. Synth-pop, hip-hop, future bass, EDM – you name it, LOONA have dipped their toes into countless genres, producing a slew of iconic internet-viral hits throughout their journey. Over the years, the 12-piece have built an intensely passionate international following, one perhaps only eclipsed by that of industry titans the likes of BTS and BLACKPINK.

In late 2016, LOONA began undertaking an ambitious pre-debut project spanning over 18 months, during which each of its 12 members – HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, ViVi, YeoJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye – were introduced with their very own solo singles, along with a string of duets and unit releases. After finally completing their lineup in 2018, LOONA made their official debut with the saccharine sweet ‘Hi High’, which was soon followed by hits like ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Why Not?’ over the years.

Fresh off a run on the Mnet reality TV series Queendom 2, where they finished in second we take a deep dive into the girls’ tremendous solo, unit and group discographies, including their brilliant new album, ‘Flip That’. From all-rounder HeeJin’s bold and cheeky ‘ViViD’ to their sparkling new title track, here is every LOONA song ranked in order of greatness.

loona flip that review
LOONA. Credit: BlockBerry Creative

‘See Saw’ ft. Chuu and KimLip (Solo by Go Won) (2018)

“Maybe today’s just a day I’ve had too much coffee,” croons Kim Lip on her abrupt two-line cameo. Maybe that’s what happened to whoever produced this baffling, unimpressive identity crisis of a track?

‘U R’ (2021)

‘U R’ kind of boring. I’m sorry.

‘My Sunday’ (by HeeJin and HyunJin) / ‘My Melody’ (by HaSeul and YeoJin) (2017)

Two versions of the same track, and I don’t remember what either of them sound like.


You and Me Together’ (by LOONA 1/3) (2017)

A quartet formed by members HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul and ViVi, LOONA’s first unit was defined by soft, fairytale-like aesthetics and femininity. Cute as this track is however, ‘You and Me Together’ disappointingly lacks the magical, fantastical feeling at the forefront of so many of LOONA 1/3’s tracks.

‘‘I’ll Be There’ ft. HeeJin (Solo by HyunJin) (2016)

There really isn’t much to say about this one, besides that it is the slightly more interesting sibling of ‘You and Me Together’.

‘A Different Night’ (2021)

Forget the night, let’s just skip to a different song.

‘Not Friends’ (by HeeJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul & Yves) (2021)

This combination of members? With that music video? Chef’s kiss. Unfortunately, that is pretty much all ‘Not Friends’ has going for it, as the song itself falls disappointingly flat.


‘Starlight’ (by LOONA / Odd Eye Circle) (2017)

Completed by Kim Lip, JinSoul and Choerry, the Odd Eye Circle era was one marked with some of the act’s most iconic releases to date. “Can I make a move?” they ask on this subdued R&B-laced track, which unfortunately, fails to live up to the rest of their music. Please do, we’re getting bored.

‘Dance On My Own’ (2021)

As much as we appreciate its empowering message of independence and self-love, ‘Dance On My Own’ simply doesn’t hit near hard enough to go against the rest of LOONA’s discography.

‘Around You’ (Solo by HyunJin) (2016)

While there is nothing wrong with this sweet and understated acoustic pop ballad, it unfortunately does little to help HyunJin – who we now know to be hilariously chaotic – leave much of an impression. A severe misstep on Blockberry Creative’s part, especially after the vibrant, jazzy ‘ViViD’.

‘OOPS!’ (2020)

I don’t know what’s happening. Kind of love it, kind of hate it.


‘Fairy Tale’ (by LOONA 1/3) (2017)

This sweet, if unremarkable lo-fi piano number would probably make great study music.

‘The Carol’ (by HaSeul, HeeJin and HyunJin) (2016)

When Christmas draws close, ‘The Carol’ becomes LOONA’s best song. Unfortunately, we’re still in the middle of 2022.

‘Where You At’ (2019)

Despite the gorgeous vocals, on an album filled with gems like ‘Satellite’ and ‘Curiosity’, this one just doesn’t quite live up to the rest of the record. Partial slay.

‘Pose’ (2022)

Released for the finale episode of Queendom 2, the dynamic ‘Pose’ more than fulfils its purpose as the soundtrack to one of LOONA’s most legendary performances to date. On its own though, it doesn’t stand out too much from the countless other hip-hop-infused girl crush offerings in K-pop.

‘Number 1’ (2020)

While not much of a standout, this infectiously optimistic R&B-pop number will no doubt have you singing “du du du du du du ru du ru” every now and again.

‘Singing in the Rain’ (Solo by JinSoul) (2017)

One of the group’s most confident solo releases, vocalist and rapper JinSoul took on elements of future bass in the dynamic ‘Singing in the Rain’. Its urgent, driving drum-and-bass-influenced percussion thrillingly intensifies throughout its verses, while regrettably building to a somewhat lacklustre chorus, still makes for a charismatic, powerful performance.

‘Chaotic’ (by LOONA / Odd Eye Circle) (2017)

Another dreamy, synth-led number by Odd Eye Circle, this time with a flourish of silky R&B.

‘Fall Again’ (2020)

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the utter chaos that ensues in ‘[12:00]’, rest easy with the knowledge that you can always seek sanctuary with the gentle, soothing ‘Fall Again’.

‘Puzzle’ ft. JinSoul (Solo by Choerry) (2017)

JinSoul’s smooth, sultry voice is the final, vital piece that completes this ‘Puzzle’.

‘365’ (2019)

Despite its simplicity, ‘365’ is brimming with sincere, honest emotion. This might just be one of the best fan-dedicated K-pop tracks out there.

Girl’s Talk’ ft. Yves (Solo by Chuu) (2017)

I don’t know about you guys, but for a song that is not only called ‘Girl’s Talk’, but is also the B-side to the not-so-lowkey sapphic ‘Heart Attack’, I was really hoping it would at least pass the Bechdel test. It’s still a cute song though.

‘Love Letter’ ft. Kim Lip (Solo by JinSoul) (2017)

I’m about to write my own love letter to Blockberry Creative to give these two another duet.

‘new’ (Solo by Yves) (2017)

While not the most punchy of LOONA’s solo tracks, this minimalistic synth-pop number creates an atmospheric backdrop for Yves’ dreamy yet powerful voice to take center stage. A worthy initiation for one of the group’s strongest vocalists.

‘frozen’ (by LOONA / yyxy) (2018)

It’s giving Disney princess, and no, it’s not because of the title. Comprising Yves, Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye, LOONA’s final unit ventured deeper into the group’s (surprisingly dark) lore more than any other.

‘Twilight’ (Solo by Kim Lip) (2017)

Produced by AOMG’s Cha Cha Malone, Kim Lip’s smooth R&B-laced ‘Twilight’ is a perfect blend of bittersweet longing and mysterious, sensual allure.

‘Be Honest’ (2021)

One of the more memorable B-sides off ‘[&]’, this refreshing retro-pop is positively bursting with some of LOONA’s most fun vocal and rap moments!

’D-1’ (Solo by Yves) (2017)

A fairly simple R&B slow jam, Yves explores the more wispy, seductive qualities of her voice in this stunning B-side, which also treats us to a short rap verse by the gifted all-rounder.

‘Ding Ding Dong’ (2020)

On the mini-album led by the fierce, hard-hitting ‘So What’, LOONA make sure we don’t forget their ability to put out a classic, delightful pop track.

‘Valentine Girl’ (by LOONA 1/3) (2017)

If this song had a scent, it’d smell like a hot churro cart at Disneyland in the winter.

‘Let Me In’ (Solo by HaSeul) (2016)

Something about this impeccable orchestral ballad just screams classy and expensive, and we love that for HaSeul.

‘one way’ (by LOONA / yyxy) (2018)

Undoubtedly among LOONA’s stronger ballads, yyxy’s ‘one way’ takes a straightforward approach and showcases the best of the unit’s vocal capabilities.

‘LOONATIC’ (by LOONA / Odd Eye Circle) (2017)

Another of Odd Eye Circle’s many iconic releases, the heavy distortion and dreamy, wispy vocals in this track lulls listeners into a disorienting yet blissful trance-like state.

‘Oh (Yes I Am)’ (2020)

‘Oh (Yes I Am)’ is the distant cousin of ‘Perfect Love’. No, I will not be elaborating further.

‘StarSeed’ (2021)

If a song doesn’t make you feel like a steroid-fuelled hamster on an unstoppable wheel then what’s the point, really?

‘Colors’ (2019)

I genuinely believed that this song and everything else coming next would at least make top 20 before I actually started on this ranking. Yeah, it pains me too.

‘rendezvous 18.6y’ (by LOONA / yyxy) (2018)

Guaranteed to make you feel like the main character as you stroll to your nearest café for a solo coffee run.

‘Hide & Seek’ (2020)

On the second half of their ‘[12:00]’ mini-album, the group return to the edgy, playful sound of its title track ‘Why Not?’. Perhaps one of their more underrated tracks, this refreshing, glitzy pop number is the embodiment of fun.

‘Rosy’ ft. Go Won, HeeJin (Solo by Olivia Hye) (2018)

HeeJin letting her sultry lower register take the reins in her little sing-rap cameo certainly made this writer blush.

‘Universe’ (2020)

“Make it happen to you, make it happen to you,” the girls softly croon on this beautifully uplifting track. Don’t be fooled by its gentle, unassuming start – this might just be one of their most addictive songs to date.

‘Need U’ (2022)

More moody LOONA, please.

‘Curiosity’ (2019)

“Curious, I just want to become more addicted / I want to stay, together with you,” they sing in the final chorus, echoing the exact thought process of every Orbit after hearing their first LOONA song.

‘Egoist’ ft. JinSoul (Solo by Olivia Hye) (2018)

The final member to complete the group, Olivia Hye certainly did not disappoint with ‘Egoist’ – among the most intriguing of their solo releases. This dynamic, experimental track slips between moody pop verses to a thrilling post-chorus electronic break, crashing down like a tsunami of gratifying, brain-scratching brilliance.

‘Rain 51db’ (by LOONA 1/3) (2017)

An impeccable throwback to late-’90s and early-2000s K-pop, this mid-tempo retro number radiates pure bliss.

‘WOW’ (2021)

Taken from last year’s ‘[&]’, this exhilarating B-side is a welcome return to their earlier unadulterated pop sound.

‘favOriTe’ (2018)

LOONA’s final pre-release single before their big debut definitely did its job of getting Orbits excited. Positively bursting with blaring brassy synths and big vocal moments, ‘favOriTe’ is an intense, exhilarating experience from start to finish.

‘Love & Live’ (by LOONA 1/3) (2017)

In ‘Love & Live’, the girls detail a wholesome schoolgirl crush, comparing an enigmatic lover to their most difficult homework. Can this song get any more adorable?

‘Perfect Love’ (2018)

A straightforward, summery pop love song done perfectly. This is perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

‘Everyday I Love You’ ft. HaSeul (Solo by ViVi) (2017)

Did ViVi secretly know that this would be the first and last time in her career that she’d be getting any lines? Because she absolutely bodied this charming retro-pop number.

‘Butterfly’ (2019)

In an unexpected turn of events, LOONA made their first-ever comeback with the atmospheric, dreamy ‘Butterfly’. Though much more subdued than their usual title tracks, the girls remain true to their reputation as a performance group, pairing its fluttering synths and high-pitched whispers some of the most beautiful choreography K-pop has ever seen.

‘Kiss Later’ (Solo by YeoJin) (2017)

The absolute chokehold 14-year-old YeoJin had on us all.

‘PTT (Paint The Town)’ (2021)

There is so much happening here, in the best possible way. A hypnotic Indian flute sample forms the backbone of ‘PTT (Paint The Town)’, creating an air of drama and extravagance. Coupled with pulsating, rhythmic beats and a busy orchestral instrumental, this hip-hop and dance-based track has a unique South Asian spin unlike anything else in K-pop.

‘Love Cherry Motion’ (Solo by Choerry) (2017)

Splicing together girlish bubblegum pop with a powerful dance instrumental, Choerry makes a bold introduction befitting of her sweet, optimistic yet charming and foxy personality on this god-tier solo track. Be warned though, her hushed whispers of “Ah, ah, ah, imagine” can (and probably will) invade your every thought.

‘Eclipse’ (Solo by Kim Lip) (2017)

I feel sparks… (yeah)… It’s just me… (oooh)… ‘Cause baby I just got this feeling… (woah…). That’s it, that’s the blurb.

‘Sonatine’ (by LOONA 1/3) (2017)

Remember that magical feeling in LOONA 1/3’s songs that I mentioned earlier? If there is one track that fully embodies that, it’s ‘Sonatine’.

While it doesn’t have many wildly climactic vocal moments, this dreamy track makes up for it with its intricate instrumental and old European flare seldom seen in K-pop. From start to finish, every moment of this delicate, orchestral number comes together to create a captivating, symphonic experience.

‘ViViD’ (Solo by HeeJin) (2016)

HeeJin was already this polished at 16 – it’s no wonder the talented all-rounder was the first member of the group to be introduced. ‘ViViD’ is as cheeky as it is classy, and its whimsical Alice In Wonderland vibe makes it the perfect song to soundtrack our descent down the rabbit hole, into LOONA’s world.

‘So What’ (2020)

If you put a gun to my head and ask me to sing along to every word of this song from start to finish, including every single ad-lib and high note… tell my family I’m making it out alive.

‘Playback’ (2022)

Marking the debut of members HaSeul, Kim Lip and Yves as lyricists, ‘Playback’ is a beautiful track dedicated to the bond between LOONA and Orbits. Brimming with sincere emotion yet dynamic and exciting enough to keep your attention, this mid-tempo pop ballad is one of the best among their more mellow tracks to date.

‘Uncover’ (by LOONA / Odd Eye Circle) (2017)

Continuing along the same vein as ‘LOONATIC’, this phenomenal B-side from Odd Eye Circle’s repackaged mini-album drops the former track’s grungy guitars, instead opting for an experimental dream-pop sound that they execute perfectly.

‘One & Only’ (Solo by Go Won) (2018)

A sublime, crunchy synth-pop offering from X ÆA-Xii’s godmother herself, you’ll find yourself falling deeper into this playful yet eerie track with every listen.

‘Stylish’ (2018)

Learning from the mistakes of JinSoul’s ‘Singing in The Rain’, this playful, future bass-inspired track takes care not to skimp on vocal moments from the members, whether it’s Chuu’s powerful high notes, Kim Lip and Yves’ smooth, effortless runs, or ViVi and Go Won’s enchanting proclamations of “you’re so stylish”.

‘Flip That’ (2022)

In their latest single, LOONA share their desire to flip the world upside down to make it a better, happier place. Returning to their more optimistic, light-hearted pop sound, ‘Flip That’ approaches the group’s core message with a far gentler touch than more recent title tracks. I don’t know about turning the whole world around, but this addictive summer bop is sure to a bring a smile to your face even on the worst days.

‘Voice’ / ‘Star’ (2020)

Something about ‘Voice’ just feels like comfort and nostalgia, so re-making it into the group’s first English-language release was an absolute no-brainer. “From the moment we started preparing the song, we put our hearts into it, thinking it was a gift for fans cheering for us from faraway places,” Kim Lip previously said of ‘Star’, making it one of the most special songs shared between LOONA and Orbits.

There is a wonderful sense of solace to be found in both versions of the track, though it’s worth noting that the original Korean lyrics are truly some of the group’s most beautiful.

‘Satellite’ (2019)

One listen of this atmospheric, space-inspired slow jam, and you’ll understand exactly why it is such a massive fan favourite.

‘Sweet Crazy Love’ (by LOONA / Odd Eye Circle) (2017)

On Odd Eye Circle’s second single, the trio shed the overwhelmingly boisterous vigour of ‘Girl Front’ for a more lush, sensual soundscape. The song naturally flits between sweet, sultry and powerful, and each member seamlessly adapts her voice to every curve and bend.

‘Day & Night’ (2020)

Pretty sick and twisted of Blockberry Creative to make what is arguably one of the group’s best B-sides a hidden track.

‘Why Not?’ (2020)

SLAYED THE HOUSE BOOTS DOWN HOUSTON I’M DECEASED. This experimental electro-pop EDM banger might be one of LOONA’s most unhinged songs yet, and we love them all the more for it.

‘Pale Blue Dot’ (2022)

‘Flip That’ hasn’t been out for this long, but this sparkling B-side has already done the impossible: getting Orbits all on the same page. Already well on its way to becoming one of LOONA’s most well-loved tracks, ‘Pale Blue Dot’ is a refreshing, upbeat ode to overcoming times of struggle, and a perfectly timed message as we continue to battle the fallout in a post-pandemic world.

‘열기(9)’ (2018)

A surprisingly sensual offering from the group’s debut mini-album, ‘열기(9)’ starts off sounding like an unassuming R&B-pop track, before its moombahton and tropical house elements kick in to create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece that remains a standout in their discography till this day. Only LOONA can make that brassy, kazoo-sounding instrumental drop sound this good.

‘Heart Attack’ (Solo by Chuu) (2017)

Brimming with the buoyant jolliness of Christmas music yet without all of the genre’s obnoxiousness, this song is a pure shot of dopamine just like Chuu herself. Perfectly embodying her infectious energy, ‘Heart Attack’ is a joyful introduction to the act’s most optimistic member.

’Hula Hoop’ (2021)

If it’s not already obvious, this writer is partial to LOONA’s most high-octane, unapologetic pop bangers – and their quirky, synth-filled Japanese-language debut is, without question, among the best of those.

‘Girl Front’ (by LOONA / Odd Eye Circle) (2017)

Looking back, it’s hilarious how Odd Eye Circle completely blindsided fans (yours truly included) when they debuted with this sweet summer bop – especially after all signs seemingly pointed to them being the girl crush unit of the group.

Five years after its release, the ever-iconic ‘Girl Front’ continues to make its rounds on TikTok via its energetic instrumental, which swirls endlessly with dizzying synth riffs. Internet virality aside though, ‘Girl Front’ is mind-blowingly catchy, no doubt one of LOONA’s most well-loved tracks for good reason.

‘‘love4eva’ ft. Grimes (by LOONA / yyxy) (2018)

Frantically buzzing with energy, ‘love4eva’ overflows with syrupy sweet vocals as the girls sing about the highs and lows of one-sided young love. With Grimes on production, this track honours all your typical bubblegum pop conventions while giving them a new lease of life with a flurry of electronic blips and glitches, planting an unshakable earworm that tickles the brain in all the right spots.

‘Hi High’ (2018)

We have finally arrived at the most elite of LOONA’s releases, none other than their flawless, impeccable debut single ‘Hi High’. Perfecting the art of that effervescent, high-octane pop sound, the girls race through the entire song at breakneck speed, leaving not even the slightest room for dullness.

It’s bubbly, cute, and sprinkled throughout with lowkey hilarious (but genius) lyrics like “love is even more cruel than college entrance exams”, that somehow still work despite its silliness. ‘Hi High’ is simply the kind of song that leaves you giddy with happiness. Every. Single. Time. What more could anybody ask for?