NME Radio Roundup 30 January 2023: Samia, boygenius, Yaeji and more

Last week Samia returned with her anticipated second album ‘Honey’, a stellar collection of hauntingly devastating songs. Inspired by the likes of Lana Del Rey, Dijon’s ‘Absolutely’ and Christian Lee Hutson’s ‘Quitters’, it’s a poignant record of growth and maturity; and its titular track leads the charge on this week’s NME Radio playlist update.

Also new to NME Radio this week we’ve got singles from the returning indie supergroup boygenius and Yaeji, alongside Kali Uchis‘ stellar first release of the year.

Check out the newest additions to NME Radio 1 and 2 below:

On the A List:



Samia is back with her second album, ‘Honey’, a sharp and wilting record. The album’s title track joins the NME Radio playlist this week, a tune that’s sonically sweet and completed with ethereal choruses and glittery pop sensibilities. The stunning LP is out now, and in a four-star review NME wrote: “A young woman’s worst confessions and deeply revealing truths (‘Honey’ is littered with personal voicemails) somehow, here, find a path towards hopefulness, where so often we are conditioned to lie in the sticky discomfort of hatred.” – Surej Singh

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On the B List:



Indie-rock supergroup boygenius are back. With their debut album ‘the record’ on the horizon, Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus previewed the project with three new singles – one of which is the stellar ‘$20’. Led by Baker, it’s a masterclass in collaborative songwriting. Expertly combining each of the musicians’ prowess – rather than shining the spotlight on one person – Brigers’ and Dacus’ backing vocals carry varied levels of angst, propelling Baker’s lines for a truly captivating listen. – SS

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‘For Granted’

NYC-via-Seoul singer, DJ and producer Yaeji has unveiled ‘For Granted’, the first single off her upcoming anticipated debut album ‘With A Hammer’. ‘For Granted’ kicks off with Yaeji’s signature icy delivery as she sings “When I think about it / I don’t even know / How it got to be this way / Am I taking it for granted?”. The bright, bouncy track slowly builds up, culminating in an electrifying drum’n’bass section. – SS

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Kali Uchis

‘I Wish You Roses’

‘I Wish You Roses’ – Kali Uchis’ first release of the year – is an emotionally charged breakup song, though one crafted with good intentions. “This song is about being able to release people with love. It could be a friend, a lover, or someone else, but the point is to celebrate releasing people from your life without being resentful or bitter,” Uchis said of the song. A sultry R&B track, ‘I Wish You Roses’ incorporates driving basslines, bright synths and Uchis’ crystalline vocals, and it’s excellent. – SS

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Willie J Healey

‘Thank You ft. Jamie T’

Willie J Healey has offered up a new taste of his upcoming album ‘Bunny’ in the form of ‘Thank You’ featuring Jamie T. The single serves as a ‘thank you’ to Jamie for his help in getting Healey out of a creative rut. The result is a bright, vibrant and soulful tune that feels like a warm hug. – SS

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Slowthai has released ‘Selfish’, a new single from his upcoming album ‘UGLY’. ‘Selfish’ sees the Brit rapper veer away from his usual sonics, instead experimenting with punk and alternative sounds. A dark take on not having enough time for those around him, he’s explained: “I want to be there for them but I’m always striving, working, reaching further.” – SS

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On the C List:

Biig Piig

‘In The Dark’

Irish-born, London-based artist Biig Piig released her debut mixtape ‘Bubblegum’ earlier this year; and closing the project is ‘In The Dark’, an indie-flecked belter that sees the artist – real name Jessica Smyth – honestly reflect: “These dreams of mine / Have they come to die in this place?”. Running hushed vocals over soaring instrumentals, it’s a standout cut. – SS

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‘U Neva’

NME 100 star Riovaz is back with a dancey new track ‘U Neva’. The New Jersey singer and producer continues his streak of insatiable club tunes with bouncy bass kicks and dreamy synths as he sings about leading someone on: “She’s never felt something so wonderful / I let her think we’re in love / Complaining so much I can’t hear what she’s saying again / And she turns and says / U neva cared at all”. – SS

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Thus Love

‘Put On Dog’

Vermont punk outfit Thus Love are back with a blistering new tune, ‘Put On Dog’. A tight, guitar-driven punk track, filled with wailing vocals and unabashedly fuzzy and infectious riffs, it’s a belter. – SS

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Sløtface have released ‘Nose’, a track from their upcoming EP ‘AWAKE/ASLEEP’, due for release on February 24. The stellar tune sees Haley Shea honestly depicting her anxiety with candid, visceral lyrics: “There’s a hurricane in my chest / When it hits / Feels like I’ll never see the sun again”. – SS

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