NME Radio Roundup 6 June 2022: Sky Ferreira, Phoenix, Jungle and more

Sky Ferreira is back: the LA pop artist recently made her return after three years away with the single ‘Don’t Forget’ from her highly anticipated new album ‘Masochism’. Also on the comeback trail are Phoenix, who have confirmed that their seventh studio LP is very much in the works with the release of its first preview, ‘Alpha Zulu’.

Those two tracks join fresh offerings from the likes of Jungle, Liam Gallagher and M.I.A. on NME Radio this week – and you can check out the rest of the new additions to NME 1 and 2 below:

On the A List:

Sky Ferreira - 'Don’t Forget' artwork

Sky Ferreira

‘Don’t Forget’

The lyrical themes of ‘Don’t Forget’, Ferreira’s first new single since 2019’s ‘Downhill Lullaby’, point towards a defiant, if slightly sinister, outlook from the singer: “Honey, you can see that it’s a rotten world / I don’t need you to save me, another drama unsung / I’ll catch your disease, it’s such a raw deal world / I don’t need to deceive you, I’m the real bad girl.”

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Phoenix 'Alpha Zulu' cover art


‘Alpha Zulu’

Phoenix are currently applying the finishing touches to their first new album in five years. For now, though, the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Ti Amo’ has been previewed with the lively ‘Alpha Zulu’. Fun fact: the single’s title comes from a phrase Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars heard a pilot repeating over the radio during a turbulent flight.

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Jungle ‘GOOD TIMES’ and ‘PROBLEMZ’ artwork


‘Good Times’

When it comes to supplying soul, funk and disco-meets-hip-hop rhythms to get you moving, Jungle always deliver. The duo dropped two standalone singles, ‘Good Times’ and ‘Problemz’, at the end of last month and combined the tracks into one typically feel-good video, which you can check out below.

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On the B List:

Liam Gallagher - ‘C’MON YOU KNOW' artwork

Liam Gallagher

‘Diamond In The Dark’

‘Diamond In The Dark’ is taken from LG’s freshly released solo album, ‘C’MON YOU KNOW’. Close your eyes and you can picture Liam in a parka, hands behind his back, wearing a pair of sunglasses singing its chorus – “I’m shining like a diamond in the dark / I’m floating like a lion in the ark / I’m walking ’round in circles through the park”.

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Easy Life x Kevin Abstract - 'Dear Miss Holloway' artwork

Easy Life and Kevin Abstract

‘Dear Miss Holloway’

Easy Life‘s silky new single, which features a guest verse from Kevin Abstract of the now-defunct Brockhampton, was written by frontman Murray Matravers about a crush on a teacher (“maybe in another life, we could try to roll the dice, and get it right”). The singer has said that the song is “the cornerstone of the second Easy Life album” and added: “Kevin raps about expectations versus reality, choice and regret. Thematically, ‘Dear Miss Holloway’ opened up this whole world, and the desire for us as a band to create a world that was better than the one we inhabited at the time.”

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M.I.A. - 'The One' artwork


‘The One’

The returning M.I.A. has shared the first proper preview of her upcoming new album ‘MATA’, the long-awaited follow-up to 2016’s ‘AIM’. Speaking to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe recently, M.I.A. shared that “there is a bit of a clash” on the forthcoming project: “But the clash is like your ego and spirituality.”

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Lava La Rue - 'Hi-Fidelity' EP artwork

Lava La Rue

‘Hi-Fidelity’ (feat. Biig Piig)

West London’s Lava La Rue has linked up with the Irish-born Biig Piig for ‘Hi-Fidelity’, the title track of the former’s new EP which is due to arrive next month. La Rue revealed in a recent interview with NME that the project will mark a change in sound from “making lo-fi beats in a bedroom” to a more guitar-heavy band dynamic.

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Viagra Boys - 'Punk Rock Loser' artwork

Viagra Boys

‘Punk Rock Loser’

Swedish quintet Viagra Boys’ ‘Punk Rock Loser’ is building up to their brand new album ‘Cave World’, which is set for release on July 8. The grungy, guitar-laden track is accompanied by some swaggering and confident lyrics: “I look in the mirror saying, ‘Man, you’re the best’ / And I’m sorry, honey, but I gotta confess / Don’t give a fuck about you, I could really care less.”

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On the C List:

Calvin Harris - 'Potion' artwork

Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa and Young Thug


The star-studded trio of Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa and Young Thug throw it back to the ’80s on this summery tune, the first single from Harris’ highly anticipated sixth studio album ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2’. “It’s an honour to work with Dua and Thug again,” Harris said in a statement about ‘Potion’. “They’re both such dynamic artists who have contributed so much to today’s musical landscape.”

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MUNA - Anything But Me artwork


‘Home By Now’

This latest single from the LA-based trio is, according to MUNA’s Katie Gavin, the song on their forthcoming self-titled album “that we feel might be closest to our first album, in that it’s a dance song with brutal lyrics and an emo bridge”. Gavin added: “It’s a break-up song that’s a bit more full of longing and doubt than ‘Anything But Me’. While a lot of this album does seem to be about trusting my instincts, this song acknowledges the pain of not knowing if I left a relationship that I was meant to be in.”

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Panic! At The Disco - 'VIVA LAS VENGEANCE' artwork

Panic! At The Disco

‘Viva Las Vengeance’

Brendon Urie has described ‘Viva Las Vengeance’, Panic!’s upcoming seventh studio album, as “a look back at who I was 17 years ago and who I am now with the fondness I didn’t have before. I didn’t realise I was making an album and there was something about the tape machine that kept me honest.” You can hear the record’s title track below.

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Hitsujibungaku and Lucy - 'Oh Hey' artwork

Hitsujibungaku and LÜCY

‘Oh Hey’

Japanese three-piece Hitsujibungaku have combined forces with the Taiwanese artist LÜCY for their first ever collaborative track ‘Oh Hey’, which is drowned in trails of fuzzy reverb and gentle vocals.

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Poppy Baskcomb - 'Luminescent' artwork

Poppy Baskcomb


Having previously written for the likes of Mabel, Joel Corry and Melanie C, Poppy Baskcomb is now ready for the big time on her own terms. It feels wrong to be listening to her new single ‘Luminescent’ alone in your room: this disco track is tailor-made for dancefloors and blurry nights.

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