NME Radio Roundup 2 May 2022: Easy Life, Arcade Fire, Aluna & Jayda G and more

Collaborations are the order of the day on NME Radio, from unlikely team-ups (Sigrid and Bring Me The Horizon on ‘Bad Life’) to longtime creative relationships (GOOD Music leaders Pusha T and Kanye West), to link-ups that make perfect, glorious sense (Aluna and Jayda G; PinkPantheress and Willow).

Throw in new statement-making tunes from Easy Life, Arcade Fire and Florence + the Machine and you’ve got a great list of new tracks added to NME 1 and 2. Check them out here:

On the A List:

Easy Life


Easy Life want you to mind your own ‘Beeswax’. The Leicester group have taken a leaf out of Brockhampton’s book for this track, which is an indication of the music to come. “In a post-lockdown universe it’s easy to feel like we are oversharing and living under a microscope, everything feels so much more invasive and overwhelming after being locked away for so long at home,” frontman Murray Matravers has said of the song’s meaning. “Social anxiety has been something I’ve always written about but I feel like this is a universal feeling now more than ever.” – Karen Gwee

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Arcade Fire

‘Unconditional I (Lookout Kid)’

The hopeful and compassionate message of ‘Unconditional I (Lookout Kid)’ feels like something the world needs to hear right now. “There’s nothing saccharine about unconditional love in a world that is coming apart at the seams,” the band wrote in a resonant note on social media upon its release. “WE need each other, in all of our imperfection.”.– KG

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On the B List:

Aluna & Jayda G

‘Mine O’ Mine’

Dancefloor dons Aluna and Jayda G join forces on the irresistible banger ‘Mine O’ Mine’. Aluna remembered the chemistry in Jayda G’s home studio in a statement: “I just remember laughing and enjoying the realization that neither of us are the cool, calm, collected badasses that we are on stage. When we’re in the studio, we’re just a couple of goofballs that love nerding out on beats and wordplay.” ‘Mine O’ Mine’ exudes that playful energy. – KG

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Liam Gallagher

‘Better Days’

Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner lends his guitar wizardry to Liam Gallagher’s ‘Better Days’, the optimistic new preview of upcoming album ‘C’mon You Know’. Liam walks the talk on this one: All UK proceeds from ‘Better Days’ will be donated to War Child for the rest of this year. – KG

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‘See You Soon’

Beabadoobee has sent another dispatch from ‘Beatopia’. Fuzzy new single ‘See You Soon’ is candid about its vulnerability, Bea Kristi singing on the bridge: “I wanted you to know I need time to grow and to exist / I think I needed space, let you know I’m safe.” – KG

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‘Ease Your Mind’ (feat. Devin Tracy)

Florida singer Devin Tracy lends his honey-dipped vocals to ‘Ease Your Mind’, a cut from French producer Darius’s brand-new full-length ‘Oasis’. This impossibly smooth new track is as refreshing as the album title promises. – KG

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Florence + the Machine


Get ‘Free’ with Florence + the Machine. The latest track to be released from new album ‘Dance Fever’ thrums with energy, apt for a song about persisting through lifelong anxiety – and seizing moments of liberation when they come. – KG

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piri & Tommy Villiers


NME 100 artists piri and Tommy Villiers have returned with more head-spinning house goodness on ‘words’. Over a beat they’ve described as “Disclosure meets old school speed garage”, piri sings about a time when the duo struggled with communication in their romantic relationship. – KG

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On the C List:

Pusha T

‘Dreamin Of The Past’ (feat. Ye)

‘Dreamin Of The Past’, the second track of Pusha T’s new album ‘It’s Almost Dry,’ soars on an old-school soul flip. The Clipse rapper is on fine form here: “You hollerin’, ‘Top five’, I only see top me / Award shows the only way you bitches can rob me,” he sneers. – KG

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Sigrid & Bring Me The Horizon

‘Bad Life’

Sigrid and Bring Me The Horizon? An unexpected combination, perhaps, but it works when the song is right – as this anthem ‘Bad Life’ shows. Bring Me’s Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish wrote the song remotely together during lockdown, and though Sykes was at first “reluctant” to give “such a special record” away to another artist, when Sigrid asked if he would duet with her, “that sealed the deal!” – KG

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‘Where you are’ (feat. WILLOW)

‘Where you are’ is an electrifying study in contrasts. PinkPantheress marshals a melancholic Paramore sample, her demure vocals colliding with Willow Smith’s authoritative, piercing delivery. More than worth the wait, ‘Where you are’ is more proof that PinkPantheress was never just a flash in the TikTok pan. – KG

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Ty Segall

‘Hello, Hi’

Ty Segall recorded ‘Hello, Hi’ at home like the rest of his new album – but it was never going to be a quiet, toned-down affair. The prolific musician delivers a lean psych rock jammer that ups the anticipation for the full record – also titled ‘Hello, Hi’ – that drops in July on Drag City. – KG

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