Måneskin talk NME through their ‘Firsts’

The 2021 Eurovision winners recall their first gig, the first song they wrote together and their first jobs

We all remember what our first job was like – but Måneskin‘s Victoria de Angelis perhaps remembers it more vividly than most of us. “I thought I was posting flyers for this shop,” she reveals about her earliest employment experience. “But in fact my dad lied to me and it was [for] a friend of his, and my dad was paying me. He told me I got employed by them, and it wasn’t true!”

For the latest instalment in NME‘s Firsts series the Italian rockers talk us through their musical first times – including their first moments in the workplace. In addition to bassist de Angelis’ fake flyer business, vocalist Damiano David explains how he was a “door-to-door salesman”, while drummer Ethan Torchio worked in a cinema and guitarist Thomas Raggi explains how “my first job was just playing guitar”. It’s alright for some…

The 2021 Eurovision winners are now an established band, with massive, mosh-pit inducing tunes and killer live shows. Reminiscing about their first-ever performance as Måneskin, the band tell NME how their first gig as “a real band” was in Perugia. “It was great,” says De Angelis. “We had a lot of fun: we played a little bad of course, but we enjoyed it!”


Måneskin have similarly fond memories of the first song they finished writing together as a group – a track called ‘Introduction’, “because it was our introduction to the music,” Torchio laughs. “Poetic,” adds De Angelis. “[It was] very cringe”.

Elsewhere in the latest edition of NME’s Firsts, Måneskin also discuss their first festival performance, their first tattoos and the first gig they ever went to. Watch the video in full above.