Watch Porter Robinson talk NME through his many gaming habits in ‘Playback’

Sitting down for our latest Playback video, DJ Porter Robinson has discussed the impact that games have had on his life, from inspiring his first album to playing League of Legends while on tour – watch it here.

In the video, Robinson revealed that his all-time favourite game, 2003 MMO Star Wars Galaxies, helped to inspire his first album ‘Worlds’ when its servers closed in 2011.

“That game will always mean a ton to me because I felt really, truly immersed in a virtual world for the first time,” shared Robinson. “It inspired my first album, because that online community shut down and the game [then] sort of ceased to be profitable and they shut the game down – I sort of had a home there, and I had communities and friends, and suddenly it all disappeared.”

“It wasn’t like Pac-Man or something where you can go find an arcade cabinet and go play – it relied on having the server, so once the game shut down you could never really go home, you could never play it again,” the DJ added. “That sort of feeling, of grieving the loss of a virtual world, inspired ‘Worlds’ and that will game will always mean a lot to me.”

Though Star Wars Galaxies is gone, Robinson’s love of multiplayer games persists. While touring in Europe, Robinson recalls playing League of Legends: Wild Rift at a Nandos with his tour manager; and says an emulator for defunct MMO City of Heroes is his go-to play during vocal lessons.

Elsewhere, Robinson discusses going “dancing with Homer Simpson” during VRChat club nights, the one game he desperately wants a sequel to, and more. To catch it all, check out the full video above.

For more on Porter Robinson, last year we spoke to the DJ about his League of Legends anthem ‘Everything Goes On’.

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