Watch our Sharon Van Etten interview: “I don’t think I’d be a good wrestler, but I really love ‘Glow'”

Watch our full video interview with Van Etten below

We’re barely into Spring, but already Sharon Van Etten‘s fifth studio album ‘Remind Me Tomorrow‘ stands apart as one of 2019’s absolute best. A bold, vivid shift in direction towards grand, forward-thinking pop, the record has been heaped with justified acclaim, as have the musician’s ongoing run of live performances.

“I feel really lucky that that album has received the praise that it has,” Van Etten tells NME. “I’m really proud of it, especially  for taking the chances I did with the production on the record that I knew was a major shift. But I keep really, really busy, so I haven’t really had a lot of time to reflect on it. I think by the time I get to sit down and really really think about it I’ll allow myself the time to cry and appreciate it in privacy.”


Busy is an understatement. In addition to her hugely ambitious new material, Van Etten has also moved into the world of acting, with a major role in Netflix’s The OA. “I went to this gym in my neighbourhood,” she says. “The guy was always nice to me in there, then one time he came in and said ‘You’re in The OA! I had no idea! Why didn’t you tell me?’ I said ‘I’m normally a musician’. He said ‘You do music too?!’

Watch our full interview with Sharon Van Etten above

“I love Glow!” she tells us, when we discuss what the future might hold when it comes to her fledgling acting career. “I don’t think I’d be a good wrestler, but that’s  a show that I really love. I also really loved Russian Doll. I’d love to even be an extra in the birthday party scene.”

Not only does she ‘do music too’, but Van Etten has an ongoing ambition to become a fully trained mental health counsellor by the time she’s 50. Though flirtations with stand-up comedy – “I’m not good at it!” – and looming – “It’s really just an art installation at this point” – were less successful, she even tells us of her grand ambitions of opening a wine bar called ‘Le Manager’. “I’m a hobby girl,” she says. “I like to learn how to do things.”

These manifold passions and careers will of course take their toll, especially in addition to newfound parenthood and the stresses of touring, but Van Etten is typically unflinching when it comes to reality.


Sharon Van Etten

“I’ve learned how to surround myself with people that are sensitive to that, for me and each other,” she tells us. “I think if you travel that much under those types of circumstances then anyone’s prone to being depressed . You’re away from everyone you love, you’re in a new place every day, you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re probably not eating right, or drinking more than usual… did I say not sleeping enough?

“It’s a rollercoaster, and if you don’t have the right people that have the stamina and the healthy mindset, it can be a soap opera.”

Speaking of soap operas, the singer also discusses her mission to maintain optimism in the face of a world that seems to be sinking deeper into chaos with each passing day. “It depends if I read the news that day!” she says of her techniques for pushing forwards. “I’ve been pretty good at checking out lately because I think my role right now is to be positive for the people around me, and I focus on the things I can control. ”

“I try to reflect more on the lives that I am changing everyday and the connections I’m able to make with these songs.”

Watch our full interview with Sharon Van Etten above

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