NME and Squarespace launch ReBuild Music: Do you have a big idea? We want to help make it real

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Following the toughest times the music industry has ever weathered, NME has partnered with Squarespace to champion the creators, innovators and trailblazers who are leading the way to ReBuild Music as we enter the post-pandemic world.

Like so many facets of our lives, our relationship with music has changed a lot over the past 12 months. What was often a communal experience – at gigs, festivals, clubs, even offices – has mostly become a private experience. The NME stereo is sorely missed.

Music makers, deprived of a live audience, are missing fans just as much as we’re missing them – and have responded by innovating new ways of connecting. Venues have seen their doors shut, magazines have folded, festivals have cancelled and nightclubs have even doubled up as covid test centres.

Throughout it, music has given us hope, comfort and inspiration, and soundtracked our changing experiences and perspectives. Just look at the slew of lockdown albums reflecting changed viewpoints; new ways of making sense of the strange.

And we know that you lot have been out there thinking about new starts, new ideas and new ways of working, too.

When the world goes wobbly, music is always a driving force in the rebound, from jazz music pulling the USA out of its prohibition-era puritanism to the likes of Childish Gambino soundtracking the Black Lives Matter movement today.

As you’re visiting NME, we know that music means everything to you. But we all also know that the music industry is far from perfect in the way it operates. Festival bills under-represent women, artists struggle to make money from streaming, small venues operate on a shoestring and communal spaces like record stores are under threat.

So we’re looking for the people who spent lockdown dreaming of a better way of doing things, planning out how they were going to bring in the change, and got the ball rolling.

We want the innovators who are ReBuilding Music and we – NME and Squarespace – want to help you.

Together with Squarespace, the all-in-one platform that enables dreamers and doers to bring their ideas to life online, we’re seeking the innovators who are ReBuilding Music. We want to amplify your project — and change the industry for the better.

If you think you are a ReBuilder, tell us about it by filling in this short form and submitting a one-minute-long video pitching your idea.

If you’re selected to be in our Big 10, we’ll be by your side to help you along the way – championing your work, project or brand and sharing your story with our massive global audience.

We’ll even hook you up with a mentor from the NME editorial team to offer advice, support and the benefit of their own experience, and we’ll track your progress throughout the whole year, with follow-up features on Big 10 projects.

Your entry should be for a grassroots business, project, campaign or idea you really are running with – that’s your bit. Our bit is giving you a leg up.

  • Have you set up a new record label, using your kitchen as HQ?
  • Are you an artist who’s used lockdown to write and record your debut album?
  • Are you a producer who’s found new ways of meeting and working with collaborators?
  • Are you a music journalist who’s figured out the future of music media?
  • Are you a new band who’ve been working on new material – despite never having met in real life?
  • Are you a venue owner who’s redeveloping a derelict space in your city?
  • Are you a DJ who’s been keeping the party going online?
  • Are you a scout who’s found the next big thing on TikTok?
  • Are you a record store owner reinventing the high street experience?

If so, what are you waiting for?

ReBuild Music is presented by NME and Squarespace, the dynamic all-in-one platform that provides the online tools you need to bring your creative idea to life. Whether you need an Ecommerce site, a portfolio or a place to share your voice, Squarespace makes it easy to create a visually beautiful, intuitive site to share your passion with the world. To try Squarespace free for two weeks – and claim your 10 percent ReBuild Music discount — visit squarespace.com/nme.

All entries must be received by Thursday June 10, 2021 – so you’ve got three weeks. Please only nominate your own enterprises, i.e. those that you are directly involved in. The Big 10 will be selected by NME and contacted once the full list has been decided. UK applicants only. Terms and conditions apply, check them out here. For guidance on posting and sharing a private YouTube video, click here.

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