Pens at the ready: it’s week four of the NME crossword

You're going to need to get the printer out the loft or, save the image and fill it in in Paint, but it's back! The legendary NME Crossword of old, compiled, as ever, by Mr Trevor Hungerford. Here's the fourth instalment of this NME pillar, with last week's answers at the bottom.

NME crossword

Here are the answers to last week’s crossword:



1. Someone You Loved, 9. Miami, 10. Sweetener, 11. Eliminator, 12. Kiss, 16. The Roller, 20. Says Hi, 21. Next, 22. Bleach, 23. Sam’s, 26. Up, 27. Posh, 28+15A. Strange Times, 31+4D. Solid Gold Easy Action.


1. Summertime Blues, 2. Meat Is Murder, 3 Origins, 5 One Love, 6+32A Let’s Dance, 7+17A Van Morrison, 8 Dire Straits, 13 Idles, 14 Lola, 18 In Crowd, 19 New, 20 Start, 23 Sea, 24 Magic, 25 Oh No, 28 Sad, 29 Red, 30 Al.