Get yourself a brew, it’s the world-famous NME crossword, week six

The NME Crossword was a stalwart of the magazine for years, and our question-setter Trevor Hungerford has bamboozled music lovers for decades. So we've resurrected it, and you can find a brand new one here every week. To make you feel all nostalgic - and because nobody in the tech department would build us a clever internet-y crossword thing – you'll have to print it out and fill it in with a pen, but that's fine isn't it? It means you can waste your work's printing resources and do the crossword in your favourite chair. Or on the loo. Or down the boozer. Or wherever you bloody well like. Last week's answers are below.

Here are the answers to week five’s crossword:


1 No Words Left, 9+7A There’s A Reason Why, 10 Gaz, 11+20D Into My Arms, 12 Fishnets, 14 As, 16 Everything Now, 18 Air, 19 Equals, 20 Matinee, 22 Brel, 26 Reed, 28 Wray, 21 La’s, 32 Mom.


1+33A Not Nineteen Forever, 2+23A When The Sun Goes Down, 3 Reef, 4+15D Spanish Stroll,

5 Elephant Stone, 6 Taste In Men, 7 Wings, 8 Yazz, 13 My All, 17 Water, 21 E-Bow, 24 Numb,

25 Sly, 27 Dio, 29 Rev, 30 Yer.