NME Explains: How The Neighbourhood wrote their smash hit ‘Sweater Weather’

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How many tries does it take to write a smash? Well, in the case of The Neighbourhood, they managed it with their breakout 2012 hit ‘Sweater Weather’, the first song they ever penned together as a band.

But how did the Californian alt-rockers go about creating that first tune? And what is it about ‘Sweater Weather’, which enjoyed a huge resurgence in popularity last year on TikTok, that continues to resonate with so many people?

For the debut instalment of NME Explains, we take a look back at how The Neighbourhood created ‘Sweater Weather’. Starting with the band’s earliest beginnings back in 2011 right up to the song’s newfound audience on TikTok (where over two million videos have been created using the song), we explore the story behind this indie-rock earworm.


Watch the full NME Explains video for The Neighbourhood’s ‘Sweater Weather’ above.