NME Radio Roundup 2 August 2021: Lil Nas X, Silk Sonic, Soccer Mommy, Emma-Jean Thackery and more

Lil Nas X’s collaboration with Jack Harlow, ‘Industry Baby’, leads this week’s additions to NME Radio. With Kanye West contributing to the production and its huge hooks, it’s another stone-cold smasher from rapper – and was a must add to this week’s A List.

Also new to NME Radio this week we’ve got the latest from Anderson .Paak and Bruno MarsSilk Sonic, an experimental folk number from Soccer Mommy, uplifting, psychedelic jazz from Emma-Jean Thackery, and ethereal betascapes from Golan and Valeria Stocia.

Here are all this week’s additions to the NME 1 & 2 playlists:

On the A List

Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow

‘Industry Baby’

Compared to the sensitive and confessional ‘Sun Goes Down’, Lil Nas X shifts gears for the braggadocious and playful ‘Industry Baby’. Linking up with Louisville rapper Jack Harlow and backed by immaculate production from Take A Daytrip and Kanye West, Lil Nas shoots down accusations of him being an industry plant and addresses his Nike shoe controversy on fiery verses. – Isaac Chiew

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On the B List

Silk Sonic


Silk Sonic – aka R&B and funk maestros Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak – return to serenade a rollerskating muse on the gloriously groovy ‘Skate’, the long-awaited follow-up to their buttery smooth debut ‘Leave The Door Open’. Funk-driven guitars, soaring strings and an airtight rhythm section set the backdrop for the duo’s charming vocal performances. – IC

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Soccer Mommy

‘rom com 2004’

On ‘rom com 2004’, Soccer Mommy adorns heartfelt lyrics and melodies with harsh, modulated guitars and rumbling synths. The result is a surreal, glitched-out, yet oddly comforting declaration of love. “And what would you think / If I wanted to be yours / Like no one else before? / I need you to see / That you make me crazy / Like no one else could be / Baby, I’m yours / If you’re crazy for me,” Sophie Allison sings on its cathartic refrain. – IC

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Emma-Jean Thackray


Equal parts uplifting and psychedelic, Emma-Jean Thackray’s ‘Sun’, an ode to how the sun sustains life, amalgamates funky disco grooves, infectious refrains and effortless virtuosity. Over the bright production, Thackray injects a joyful sense of wonder to the track’s existential narrative. “The Sun it holds us / The Sun it grows us / Hands up and reach for the sky / The Sun is life,” harmonised voices declare in unison. – IC

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‘75 (ft. Valeria Stocia)’

Electronic group Golan team up with indie-pop singer-songwriter Valeria Stocia for a laid back and dreamy sonic trip on ‘75’, which features angelic vocals over tranquil, ethereal soundscapes. “75 wasn’t the night / 75, dreams and fallen stars through the tide,” Stocia croons over atmospheric beats. – IC

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‘Teal’, the debut single from Jacob Slater’s solo project Wunderhouse, brings a raw, soaring post-punk energy to its vulnerable and cathartic lyrics. “And all of your friends, they say that they need you / When you need them they just get up and leave you / One of them said “I don’t care if this kills you,” the former Dead Pretties frontman impassionately belts. – IC

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On the C List

Remi Wolf

‘Liquor Store’

The first single off Remi Wolf’s upcoming debut album, ‘Liquor Store’ juxtaposes its funky disposition with lyrics that explore the singer’s addictions and vices. “Liquor store, ’cause I want morе, carnivore / Eating my heart out, liquor store / ’Causе I always want more walking into the liquor store,” she croons over bouncing bass grooves. – IC

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James Blake

‘Say What You Will’

On ‘Say What You Will’, James Blake’s deep baritone cuts through heartfelt keys and lush backing vocals with confessional lyrics. “The song is about finding peace with who you are and where you’re at regardless of how well other people seem to be doing,” he said in a press statement. “Comparison really is the thief of joy.” – IC

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Priya Ragu


On the stellar ‘Kamili’ Priya Ragu explores and challenges the ideas behind traditional gender roles and motherhood. “Never seen a force like this / Never heard a Tamil like this, yeah, yeah,” she sings with conviction over an electrifying neo-soul bounce. “They never wanna see us godly / Devis and maharanis.”– IC

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‘I’m Sick’

‘I’m Sick’ juxtaposes its joyous power pop energy with its lyrics detailing physical anxiety. “I’m sick / Off to the races / I’m sick / Performance anxiety / I’m sick / It’s making me sick and I can’t get this,” frontman Patrick Phillips sings over driving guitars and pounding drums. It’s the first single off Namesake’s upcoming album ‘Redeeming Features’, due out October 15. – IC

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‘Young Dumb’

Worthing-based trio NOISY bring an unhinged bounce to ‘Young Dumb’ by spitting fiery bars over hard-hitting jungle beats. “I’m young I’m dumb I’m full of it / I’m free I’ll run I’m living it / I’m someone’s, son no hypocrite / Never gonna grow up / Never gonna face it,” frontman Cody Matthews raps on the bumping hook. – IC

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