NME Radio Roundup 20 June 2022: Halsey, Flowerovlove and Pharrell Williams

Earlier this month Halsey released stellar new single ‘So Good’. It’s the first track Halsey has dropped since sharing an extended version of 2021 album ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’ in January, and it’s a beauty. With its earworm hooks and skittering production, and an accompanying music video featuring Halsey’s partner Alev Aydin, it was a must-add to this week’s NME Radio playlist.

Also new to NME Radio we’ve got rising star Flowerovlove’s ‘Hannah Montana’ and a heavyweight collaboration between Pharrell Williams, 21 Savage and Tyler, The Creator.

Here’s what we’ve added to NME 1 and 2 this week.

On the A List:


‘So Good’

‘So Good’, Halsey’s latest single, was finally released last week after the artist threw “a TikTok tantrum”, as they put it, in May. The track’s lyrics muse on a love that could’ve been, with Halsey revealing on Twitter that it’s about “the friend that was always there for me, who I realized I was in love with one day.” – Sabiq Rafid

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‘Hannah Montana’

Rising star Flowerovlove’s newest offering ‘Hannah Montana’ follows the young musician’s previously released single, ‘Will We Ever Get This Right’. On the brand-new track, Flowerovlove celebrates living a double life as an artist as well as a student, calling back to the Disney classic starring Miley Cyrus: “What you say? Should we skip school? / Run to Paris, hotel rooms / Hannah Montana, this is real life too.” – SR

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On the B List:

Pharrell Williams

‘Cash In Cash Out (feat. 21 Savage & Tyler, The Creator)’

Pharrell Williams collaborates with two heavyweight rappers in 21 Savage and Tyler, The Creator on his brand new track, ‘Cash In Cash Out’. Pharrell, who produced the hulking beat, shared in an interview with Zane Lowe that having 21 and Tyler on the track was “like letting two pit bulls loose. Ravenous. Two ravenous wolves.” – SR

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Princess Nokia


Princess Nokia celebrates all things her on ‘Diva’. “Iconic, iconic, I got it, I flaunt it, yeah, that’s me / Billboard, I’m charting, top dollar, song credit, it’s Destiny,” she effortlessly flows over a catchy beat. But on the chorus, she pays homage to the queens who have inspired her: “I feel like Beyoncé, I feel like Shakira / Lemonade, I’m juicy, hips don’t lie, Selena / Britney, Christina, rest in peace Aaliyah.” – SR

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Franc Moody

‘I’m In A Funk’

London-based band Franc Moody’s latest ‘I’m In A Funk’ is precisely titled. The duo wrote the track remotely during the COVID lockdowns about “being cooped up, unable to see loved ones and unable to do the things we’d normally do” – matching the bleakness to groovy instrumentation. – SR

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MJ Cole

‘You Got Me’

MJ Cole’s ‘You Got Me’ was made from scratch during a Twitch stream, and it’s a glorious creation. His Prophet 8 synthesiser comes to life on this track, coupled with vocal samples and driven by an infectious backbeat that brings everything together flawlessly. – SR

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On the C List:


‘Jimmy Neutron’

‘Jimmy Neutron’ is the latest preview of Washington band Enumclaw’s new album ‘Save The Baby’. The track delves into the catastrophic headspace of potentially messing up a new relationship, as lead singer Aramis Johnson sings: “I want to fall in love / But I don’t think I can have it / Every time I get close to you / I start to panic.” ‘Jimmy Neutron’ explodes into a full-volume assault in its conclusion – a brilliant send off to a brilliant track. – SR

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‘Blood Stain’

Consequence’s frequent and long-time collaborator Kanye West produced his latest offering, ‘Blood Stain’. With Ye’s signature production touch as well as Consequence’s stellar flows, it’s one for both new and old heads. It’s also the first taste of a new Consequence album, he’s confirmed on Twitter. – SR

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King Princess

‘Too Bad’

King Princess released ‘Too Bad’ alongside ‘Cursed’, building up to an album slated for release next month. This song marks a shift in King Princess’ approach to writing music, as the artist shared: “I’m silly, I’m anxious, I’m sad, I’m sexy. I didn’t want to be scared to talk about those things anymore. The infinite dichotomy of things that make me up. I’m not a girl, not quite a boy, a lesbian, but also gay as the day is long.” – SR

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Pale Waves

‘Reasons To Live’

Is that the 2000s calling? No, it’s Pale Waves’ nostalgia-laced pop-punk track ‘Reasons To Live’. In a statement, vocalist Heather-Baron Gracie said that the track “is about a time when I felt truly drained and incapable of happiness, then I found someone who showed me a reason to live.” – SR

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Night Tapes


‘Humans’ by Night Tapes is a lush and dreamy number that could soundtrack a late night drive in any city. Its laidback instrumentation gives all of the shine to Iiris Vesik’s vocals. Cue up this track the next time you go for a nighttime ride and feel all of its magic. – SR

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