NME Radio Roundup 21 June 2021: Griff, Wolf Alice, Joy Crookes, DJ Seinfeld and more

Rising star Griff’s debut mixtape ‘One Foot in Front of the Other’ dropped last week and it’s sheer pop perfection. Receiving the full five-star treatment here at NME, the stellar collection demonstrates the 20-year-old talent’s impressive songwriting, that fuses killer hooks with honest and direct lyricism. We’ve selected the stunning, introspective single ‘Shade of Yellow’ for this week’s NME Radio A List.

Also new to NME Radio this week is another dreamy cut from Wolf Alice‘s spectacular ‘Blue Weekend’, a powerful statement from Joy Crookes, and DJ Seinfield’s latest floor-filling smasher ‘U Already Know.’

Here are all this week’s additions to the NME 1 & 2 playlists:

On the A List


‘Shade of Yellow’

This year’s BRIT Awards Rising Star Griff proves that this accolade is well-deserved on the gorgeous ‘Shade of Yellow’. Earnest vocals cut through atmospheric layers of bouncing arpeggios and lush synths in a personal testimony of refuge and escape. “Oh, it must be the light in your room / And the lamp is a shade of yellow / And it makes me feel safe and sound / And I swear that’s rare these days,” she sings in a heartfelt declaration. – Isaac Chiew

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Wolf Alice

‘Lipstick On The Glass’

On this standout cut from Wolf Alice’s ‘Blue Weekend’ stripped-back acoustic guitars slowly transition into dreamy, lush soundscapes of a cosmic proportion. Over this misty backdrop, vocalist Ellie Roswell sings of taking back a former lover – her lyrics painting a heartbreaking image of an endless cycle of forgiveness and betrayal. – IC

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On the B List

Joy Crookes

‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now’

Taking on the perspective of someone who is usually too afraid to speak up, Joy Crookes delivers dramatic grooves and a killer vocal performance on ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now’. The result is a powerful, thought-provoking statement that also serves as a rallying cry for all to rise up in the face of injustice. “Man, I guess I was scared / Feet, don’t fail me now / I got to stand my ground,” she sings on the riveting refrain. – IC

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Separated across the world, Parcels return with euphoric optimism on ‘Free’. Flipping the script on downcast verses, they unite joyous strings, uplifting pianos and their signature vocal harmonies, as they contemplate the nature of love: “I’m thinking love / Is it all that kind? / To leave a love, for a new taste / The scene of us, oh, with an old point of view / I need the light, but never really knew.” – JX Soo

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On the C List

Wet Leg

‘Chaise Longue’

Dripping with undeniable charisma, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers deliver a smashing debut packed with stonking grooves, contagious basslines and a winning flurry of infectious non-sequiturs. With its playful lyrics and killer riffs, it’s an exciting glimpse of what Wet Leg have to give. – JXS

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DJ Seinfeld

‘U Already Know’

House phenom DJ Seinfeld is back, and on this cut from his upcoming Ninja Tune record ‘Mirror’, he sheds clipped distortion for polished Italo disco, with squelching synth bass accompanying his ever-present 4/4 kicks. ”You already know it’s alright,” vocalist Teira croons in the distance – a fitting message, as DJ Seinfeld’s shuffling breakbeats conjure a feel-good, rave-ready nostalgia trip. – JXS

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Deb Never


Deb Never‘s return sees her traverse dark trap beats and anthemic alt-rock refrains. The first taste of her upcoming EP, ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone?’, is an honest account of growing up, with Deb honestly revealing: “Feels like something’s missing / Fall asleep right next to all my demons / Tell me that you’ll wake me when it’s over / Think I’m scared to death of growing older,”. – JXS

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Shelter Boy

‘Terrace (ft. Boy Pablo)’

Fusing light funk guitars and infectious bass grooves with a sense of charming positivity, Shelter Boy and boy pablo’s latest track ‘Terrace’ is a slice of pure sunshine. “Sittin’ on our terrace, terrace / My mind, it will be careless, careless / Sittin’ on our terrace, terrace / Our lives will be beautiful and all,” the duo sing on the song’s uplifting chorus. – IC

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