NME Radio Roundup 21 November 2022: Romy, Fred Again.., Stormzy and more

Last week, The xx‘s Romy dropped her euphoric new single ‘Strong’, her first solo single since 2020 debut ‘Lifetime’. The energetic dance anthem sees her collaborate with in-demand producer Fred Again.., and speaking about the team-up, Romy said: “our friendship helps me feel safe to be honest and vulnerable lyrically and we definitely connect over our love of songwriting and emotions in dance music”.

This second solo single is an exciting glimpse of what we could expect from further Romy material, and leads the charge in this week’s NME Radio additions, alongside other fresh drops including Stormzy’s latest preview of his upcoming third album, The Blessed Madonna’s new club banger, and more.

Check out the newest additions to NME Radio 1 and 2 below:

On the A List:

Romy & Fred Again..


On ‘Strong’, Romy and Fred Again.. toe the line between euphoria and pathos for a stellar dance anthem. Fred Again.. turns up the heat with a boomy kick drum and arpeggiated synthesisers, setting the foundations for a trance banger guaranteed to receive heavy rotation in the club circuit. But with a minor chord introduced midway through accompanied by Romy’s direct, compassionate lyrics (“You don’t have to be so strong / I’m right here”), the track transcends to become an anthem of solidarity and empathy. – Eli Ordonez

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On the B List:



On ‘Firebabe’, Stormzy offers a sincere tribute to an old flame. Over a subtle accompaniment, the icon offers honest lyrics, singing: “‘Cause I, I just can’t explain / Even in the way, you love me with your flame / My firebabe.” A song that Stormzy explained to i-D is about: “that first spark when you meet your partner”, it musically echos this, with the slow burner fully evoking the way time stands still in those early moments of a relationship. – EO

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The Blessed Madonna

‘Serotonin Moonbeams’

The Blessed Madonna offers listeners the ultimate pick-me-up on her bouncy new track, ‘Serotonin Moonbeams’. Employing a shuffling beat, a throwback piano loop and syrupy ambience, the elastic house cut gives listeners the serotonin surge they need by transporting them back to “the Vicks Vapo-rub, candy soaked raves of the ‘90s”, as she expressed in a statement. Uffie’s playful vocals quiver along through the track, perfectly setting the scene: “You had one too many coffees / And your slippers are Versace in my daydreams”. – EO

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‘Break My Heart’

Hackney drum ‘n’ bass revivalists Rudimental are ready for reconnection with their melancholic new single, ‘Break My Heart’. Combining classic jungle speed with subdued atmospheric elements, the track taps into complex themes of unwavering devotion in the face of heartbreak. Singer L Devine lays down emotional lyricism atop the track’s hook, to heart-wrenching effect: “Provided you break my heart / I still want you anyway, doll”. – EO

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Tkay Maidza

‘Nights In December’

Tkay Maidza heralds the holiday season with her festive new jam, ‘Nights In December’. Tapping in on a fantasy of meeting someone new during “wintertime in New York”, Maidza whips up a groovy number against the sonic backdrop of crunchy beats and icy synthesisers. Her crystalline vocals adorn the track, as she sings: “Flowers on the wall, feeling magical / This is what I want, it’s you”. – EO

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‘Wild Animals’

Neo-soul singer-songwriter Liv.e puts her well-being first on ‘Wild Animals’, the sultry new preview of her upcoming album ‘Girl In The Half Pearl’. Over a jazzy foundation of head-bobbing beats, brushed drums and trilling pianos, Liv.e sings about self-care to assuring effect: “Cause they always wanna bite with they see me… And I hope that girl make the choice to leave ‘em” – EO

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On the C List:


‘Fingers Of Steel’

South London post-punks Shame explore dissatisfaction on ‘Fingers Of Steel’, the soaring first preview of their upcoming LP, ‘Food For Worms’. Employing their signature propulsive guitar licks and time signature changes, the quintet deliver an anthemic number sure to prompt sing-a-longs during the group’s lengthy European tour next year. – EO

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‘Slugger 1.4 [2014 Export.WAV]’

Australian super-producer Flume celebrates the 10th anniversary of his breakout 2012 debut LP with the glitchy archival track, ‘Slugger 1.4 [2014 Export.WAV]’. Though created two years after the album was released, the track carries over much of what made his early work groundbreaking: textured synthesisers, stuttering drops and fleeting moments of emptiness for stark contrast. – EO

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‘Bag Of You’

R&B hero Mahalia returns with the smooth new single, ‘Bag Of You’. Supported by a dreamy guitar loop, a punchy beat and swooning strings, Mahalia brings her stunning vocals centre stage to sing confessionally about her unwavering devotion to a love interest: “I always miss me when you’re gone / I don’t wanna slip up and get lost without you” – EO

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Dead Tooth

‘Sporty Boy’

Brooklyn quintet Death Tooth get jittery on their new post-punk workout, ‘Sporty Boy’. Hammering away at breakneck speed, the track features bludgeoning drums, gritty guitars, and frontman Zach James’ agitated vocals which send the number into hyperdrive with an uncanny ease, as he sings: “Oh baby, I’m crazy / Just a little bit of ‘flick of the wrist’”. – EO

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The Black Angels

‘A Walk On The Outside’

Austin psych-rock veterans The Black Angels take a trip on ‘A Walk On The Outside’, a kaleidoscopic cut off their recent record, ‘Wilderness of Mirrors’. Taking cues from psychedelia icons of the ‘60s, the group combine Beatlesque basslines, fuzzy guitars and hypnotic, reversed tape loops, constructing a day-glo reverie for listeners to inhabit. – EO

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