Relive the highlights from NME’s House of Papa gig

Check out the performances and behind the scenes action from last week's event

In partnership with Papa John’s

Last week saw NME partner with Papa John’s to present the House of Papa, an intimate gig held at an exclusive music venue in London.

Over 100 fans, including ByteSquad members Shauni, Jake, Em and Loz, were invited down to watch a series of killer sets from recent NME Radar stars, all while enjoying Papa John’s new Fresh Soul range – pizzas so big on feel-good flavours that they make your soul sing.

Missed a slice of the action last week? We’ve got you! Relive the best bits from House of Papa now by tuning into the highlights above.

Credit: Ben Bentley

The evening saw some very special, stripped back performances from rising talent like DIY rapper, singer and guitarist Finn Askew, lo-fi pop prospect Cathy Jain, singer/songwriter Brooke Combe & North London neo-soul singer and Papa John’s new marketing campaign artist BaggE. The show follows the much-anticipated return of live music to the UK over the summer, with the artists excited to finally get back on stage to perform.

“To actually be able to play live again, and see people coming who want to watch it, it’s inspiring” Finn Askew said before his performance. BaggE – who headlined the event – also celebrates the magic of live music.

“You get a natural high after coming off stage, it’s really exciting to have people coming to you and saying well done, and also more people getting to know you and getting to know the music you write and the stuff you love, and share that with people” she said.

Hungry for more? Check out even more of the action from NME’s House of Papa on the NME YouTube now.