It’s the return of the legendary NME Crossword!

You're going to need a printer – because nobody thought this was a good enough idea to put any tech resource behind it – but it's back! The legendary NME Crossword of old, compiled, as ever, by Mr Trevor Hungerford.

NME crossword


1. Having made big waves with ‘Waterfall’, Ian Brown drops out making little waves (7)

5. “Deep sea diving round the clock, bikini bottoms, lager tops”, 2019 (7)

9. We’re back in the same position with Liam Gallagher (2-3-4)

10. Bring Me The Horizon to go down under (5)

11+13A. ’80s hit by James Ingram and Michael McDonald remixed by her at home (3-2-1-5)

16+26D. Singles by Kodaline, Skunk Anansie and Mis-Teeq are my entire needs (3-1-4)

17+18A. There are ‘No Surprises’ on this album (2-8)

21. Band that had 1982 hits with ‘Rosanna’ and ‘Africa’ (4)

22. Hot Elvis moves taken up by Maroon 5 (4-4)

24. Album by Tangerine Dream is on the way out (4)

25. Allowed to include name of a Pet Shop Boy (4)

27. (See 3 down)

30. Tricky number gets cut for Halloween (7)

32. A callous, cold-blooded piece from St Vincent (5)

33+20D. Soul II soul release set to obtain an existence (3-1-4)

36. Record label for Catfish And The Bottlemen, Florence And The Machine and Roxy Music (6)

37. “You can climb a ladder up to the sun”, 2005 (4)

38. (See 4 down)


1. “And if I was yours….but I’m not”, 2010 (5-2-5)

2. This is mental! Both Post Malone and Muse have singles with this title (6)

3+27A. His albums include ‘Berlin’ and ‘Magic And Loss’ (3-4)

4+38A. This one’s been rewritten for The Beastie Boys (4-2-2)

5. He’s remixed a single for Wolf Alice (3)

6. George Michael sounding a bit dated (5)

7. Album showing the brilliance of Reef (4)

8. Best known for her medley of musical Hair songs ‘Ain’t Got No’ and ‘I Got Life’ (4-6)

12. The Kings Of Leon are ready for any work when needed (2-4)

13. ‘The ___’, album from The Cure at their peak (3)

14. Album from The Shamen is a bit different actually (2-4)

15. Real Thing reform for a David Bowie album (9)

19. ’60s group whose ‘Flowers In The Rain’ was first record played on Radio 1 (4)

20. (See 33 across)

23. A stage name for Elliot Gleave, for instance (7)

26. (See 16 across)

28. “What didn’t kill me, it never made me stronger at all”, 2011 (5)

29. Album that saw the break-up of Lush (5)

31. The most important person for Years & Years (4)

32. “Like the FBI and the ___ and the BBC”, from ‘Dig It’ track on The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ album (3)

34. Rave pioneer who completed half of ‘Rave On’ (3)

35. Signed to ZTT label, they came from Factory! (3)

Check next week’s crossword for your answers.

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