Here’s what we know about ‘Rick and Morty’ season six

Season five is done and dusted, but new episodes are already in the pipeline

So far in Rick And Morty season five, we’ve seen the grandfather and grandson duo tackle turkey Presidents, giant robot ferrets, a car that wants to lose its virginity and much more. Luckily for us, the pair’s madcap adventures are set to continue for some time, with plenty more episodes in the works that will no doubt introduce us to characters and scenarios we never would have imagined alone. To get the lowdown on what to expect from Rick And Morty season six, read on.

Has season six been confirmed?

Technically, yes

While a sixth season hasn’t been confirmed specifically, in 2018 Adult Swim renewed Rick And Morty for another 70 episodes. So far, only 20 of those episodes have aired – 10 in season four and 10 in season five – so, if things keep ticking over at a rate of 10 episodes a season, we’ll get not just a sixth season but up to and including a 10th.

When might season six be released?


Your guess is as good as ours, but they’ve been working on it

There’s no release date confirmed at present but, given that the episodes have already been ordered by the show’s network, Adult Swim, there shouldn’t be too long a wait for the next season to premiere. Currently, season six is predicted to start a year after season five – so look out for it to start airing around June 2022. The sixth season has been in production since 2020 according to creator Dan Harmon, with writers working on the new episodes over Zoom due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Who can we expect to see in the new episodes?

The Smiths will be back

Rick and Morty
CREDIT: Adult Swim

Of course, Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith – what would the show be without them? We’d also expect Morty’s parents Beth and Jerry Smith to be involved, especially after their respective voice actors Sarah Chalke and Chris Parnell said in a recent interview they had no intention of leaving the show. “Forever and ever in every multiverse that exists in this dimension and every other dimension!” Chalke replied when Sci-Fi Now asked how long they were willing to play their characters for.

Parnell added: “When you’ve got a good gig as an actor, especially when it’s on something that you’re proud of and you enjoy watching yourself and is beloved like Rick And Morty you just do it do it as long as they’ll have you!”


Beyond those four characters, it seems a given that Morty’s sister Summer will figure in season six, but who else will return – or be added to the show – is a secret for now.

What can we expect from season six?

An old writer is returning

The plot is strictly under wraps right now, but we do know who one of the writers working on the new series is. In an Instagram post about a Zoom table read of a Community episode last May, Harmon revealed that the writer of said episode, Alex Rubens, was working on Rick And Morty season six. He’s also written one past adventure of Rick And Morty in season two’s ‘Big Trouble In Little Sanchez’. In that instalment, Summer and Morty’s school is besieged by a vampire and Rick turns himself into a high school clone of himself to help slay the fanged monster. So, while we might not know too much about season six yet, we can expect a similar level of creativity in whatever Rubens comes up with next.

What have co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland said about Rick And Morty season six?

It’s basically all written

While Harmon hasn’t said a lot about season six of the hit animated series, he has given us some updates on it over the last year. After confirming it was already in production in spring 2020, he offered another update in October, saying he had been working on the season’s finale.

“Immediately after this panel, I’ll be going and reviewing an animatic for a late season five episode,” he said during a virtual panel at PaleyFest NY. “And yet, we are very late [in the process of] writing season six. I’m looking at finales for both seasons and then also refining the finale of one and then the premiere of the other. So I can’t remember the differences.”

At the same event, he added that the show’s trajectory wasn’t planned out, which helps with the team’s creativity and prevents the episodes from becoming limited in their scope. “If we simply just keep writing in real-time as fast as we can write… by now, that puts us years ahead of the air date of the most recent episode,” he explained.

“The last thing we’d want to do in an environment like that is have a plan. We are the plan because we are the future. We’re the guys who wrote the stuff that they’re now drawing, so we make a tremendous effort to stay in the moment and never box ourselves in.”

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