Watch Sezairi perform ‘It’s You’ and ‘Blue’ for NME Home Sessions

The Singaporean singer-songwriter delivers stripped-back renditions of his global viral hit ‘It’s You’ and latest single, ‘Blue’

For the latest edition of NME Home Sessions, we’re joined by Singaporean singer-songwriter Sezairi for a live performance of his tracks ‘It’s You’ and ‘Blue’.

‘It’s You’ was originally released as a single in 2018 before it was featured on Sezairi’s 2020 EP ‘Undertones’. However the song was given a new lease of life earlier this year when it went viral on TikTok, and subsequently appeared on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 Chart where it peaked at the number 17th position. The song has currently racked up over 67million streams on the streaming platform alone.

Meanwhile, the singer unveiled his collaboration with South Korea’s msftz, ‘Blue’, back in June. The soulful, bilingual joint effort marked Sezairi’s first release of 2021.


For his NME Home Sessions, the singer performed the songs on a rooftop which showed off Singapore’s city skyline. Armed with an electric Harmony guitar, Sezairi kicked off the performance with ‘It’s You’ before diving into ‘Blue’, where he performed both the English and Korean verses.

You can watch Sezairi’s full NME Home Sessions performance above now.

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