Song Stories: Sigma on working with Quavo and Sebastian Kole on ‘Forever’

Sigma joined us down in the NME studios to explain how they created their latest banger, ‘Forever’.

‘Forever’ sees the drum and bass duo team up with singer-songwriter Sebastian Kole, and one third of hip hop trio Migos, Quavo. Explaining how they worked with Kole, they said:

“He’s got a very strange way of working where you’ll play him the track for about 20 seconds, and then he goes “yeah I’ve got it”, and you’re like “what?” and he walks off, and leaves the studio” one half of the duo Cameron Edwards explained.


“We thought he’d left because he didn’t like the tune or something!” Joe Lenzie added.

“And then we saw him on the cameras walking up and down the corridor, and it was like what is he doing?” Cameron Edwards went onto explain, adding: “And so he goes in the booth and lays down the whole thing pretty much. And it was like wow – that was easy!”

Watch the whole video above to hear what it was like when they worked with Quavo.

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