Song Stories: Royal Blood on ‘Lights Out’ – and being drenched in milk for the video

Royal Blood are back, and, judging by their storming comeback single ‘Lights Out’, are back with a vengeance. The Brighton duo’s first new song in three years serves up a typical slice of their ferocious energy and trademark aggressive crunch, with a thick new mosh-worthy chorus to boot.

Ahead of the release of their second album ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ on June 16, frontman Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher sat down with NME to discuss the writing process behind the blistering new single.

The song is especially unique within the Royal Blood canon as it’s the first time that the duo have collaborated with another artist during the writing process – an origin story that the band recount in fascinating detail here.

The controlled chaos of the accompanying video for ‘Lights Out’ is also discussed by the band, with Mike and Ben fondly recalling “a milky day” of shooting in Kosovo – it’s a story that needs to be heard to be believed…