Sunflower Bean talk new album and touring with Wolf Alice

Sunflower Bean answer your questions in the NME basement

New York’s Sunflower Bean, who release their second album ‘Twentytwo In Blue’ on March 23, recently popped into the NME basement to discuss the “resilience” of their “mature” new record.

They also talked about the influence of Fleetwood Mac on their music, their favourite aspects of the UK and what it was like to tour with Wolf Alice.

Explaining the album’s title, singer and bassist Julia Cumming said: “We’re all 22 right now. It’s an exciting age for us. We’ve been making music for a bunch of years and been able to watch ourselves mature a little bit.”


“Blue is this colour that was coming to us a lot while we were writing the songs and compiling everything. When you’re making a record, you’re not just making the songs but you’re also making the entire universe that this whole thing takes place in.”

Drummer Jacob Faber added: “When we tried to visualise what the songs looked like, blue kept coming to mind. Classically, it’s a very melancholic or sad colour, but we also were thinking of it as a representation of a big blue open ocean or an open sky, kind of like a hopefulness or resilient feeling.”

The band’s debut album ‘Human Ceremony’ was released in 2016.