‘The Defenders’: Everything you need to know about Netflix’s latest Marvel series

If they were a band, they'd be The Ramones

The Defenders – which hits Netflix on August 18 – joins the heroes of Hell’s Kitchen – blind brawler Daredevil, billionaire martial artist Iron Fist, bulletproof Luke Cage and hard-drinking private eye Jessica Jones – for a battle royale.

Actors Charlie Cox (Daredevil) and Finn Jones (Iron Fist), plus showrunner Marco Ramirez, sit down to reveal everything we need to know about Marvel/Netflix’s latest offering, The Defenders.

It works as a stand alone series…

Charlie: “We wanted a show that appealed to everybody, so someone new doesn’t find themselves with no idea what’s going on, while we don’t bore the hell out of fans. The Defenders feels more tongue in cheek. How do you put Daredevil in a room with Jessica Jones without her making a joke about his costume? We embrace that natural humour.”

…while paying homage to each individual show


Marco: “There’s the brutal, bloody fight scenes of Daredevil, but also the Wu-Tang needle drops of Luke Cage.”

Finn: “When you have a scene that’s just Jessica Jones or Luke Cage, for example, the tone references their world.”


Sci-fi legend Sigourney Weaver plays the enigmatic Alexandra – the big baddie

Finn: “She upped the game. Not because her character is very foreboding, but because she carries herself like an icon. She elevates the scenes.”

They take half a season to assemble

Marco: “None of the characters would be anyone’s sidekick. After four years of anticipation, we couldn’t have them starting out sitting round a table. They had to get there organically.”

Finn: “The first four episodes, we’re coming together. But then events shake up the world. Shit happens! All four Defenders are changed by the end.”



There are more fights than a Gallagher family reunion

Charlie: “Two months before, I’m in the gym every day. Daredevil’s a street brawler, so action scenes are easier for me than Finn’s.”

Finn: “Krysten [Ritter, who plays Jessica Jones] is the most hardcore in real life. She would knock any one of us out.”

It’s shorter than Netflix’s usual Marvel mini-series

Finn: “It’s eight episodes of the superheroes taking on a threat bigger than us all.”

Charlie: “After episode four, it heats up. Finn and I were reading the script for episode six. He was ahead and like, ‘Oh shit, dude, we fight!’ I was like, ‘What?’ Then he goes, ‘I win!’”

If the Avengers are The Beatles, the Defenders are The Ramones

Charlie: “Sometimes superheroes seem God-like. These shows make it feel you could walk past them in the street and have no idea.”

The Defenders starts August 18 on Netflix