Here’s what we know about ‘Top Boy’ season five

Filming starts this summer

Season four of Top Boy was released earlier this year and continued the high stakes story of east London drug dealers Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson). Bigger, better and more intense than what had come before, the new episodes also packed plenty of emotional punches and finished with a twist so shocking, we’re still getting over it now, months later. So what’s next?

Has Top Boy season five been confirmed yet?


Shortly after season four hit Netflix, the fifth and final season of Top Boy was confirmed by the streamer.


In a joint statement Walters and Robinson (who also serve as executive producers) said they were “very excited about what’s next”.

“For those that have followed the journey from the start, you will know how much this show means to everyone on our team and we wholeheartedly know how much it means to you. These characters have been a part of our lives for over a decade now and without everyone’s support we couldn’t have come this far.”

“With all this being said, and staying true to our original goal, every story must have an ending and so season three will be our finale. A chance to come full circle and end the journey in the right way.”

When will season five be released?

Work begins soon

While there’s no release date for the final chapter of the Top Boy story, Netflix has confirmed that filming will begin this summer, suggesting a 2023 release date.


Who’s returning in season five?

The show has become more of an ensemble piece since it was rebooted

It’s already been confirmed that Walters and Robinson will be returning and while the rest of the cast hasn’t been announced yet, it’s fair to assume that all the key players will be making a return to Top Boy.

The statement announcing season five said: “Whilst the journeys of Dushane and Sully have remained at the core of the show, the new characters that have entered the world of Top Boy have become a key part of the show’s legacy, representing each new storyline in a raw, authentic way,” so we’re expecting Shelley (Little Simz) Jaq (Jasmine Jobson) her sister Lauryn (Saffron Hocking), Becks (Adwoa Aboah), Stefan (Araloyin Oshunremi) and Aaron (Hope Ikpoku Jr) to all make a return.

What could the plot be?

The events of season four definitely left their scars 

As seen with Sully throughout season four, Top Boy has always done a brilliant job of dealing with trauma and what happens after the more explosive moments of these characters’ lives.

Going forward, Lauryn will have to deal with killing her abusive partner/father of her unborn baby Curtis (Howard Charles) while his vicious sister Vee (Ava Brennan) is probably going to be out for revenge. Elsewhere Dushane not only has a drug empire to worry about, but also his ongoing health problems.

Then there’s the fact that Sully ruined Dushane’s retirement plan by killing his planned successor Jamie (Micheal Ward) at the very end of season four, setting up another conflict between these estranged friends and business partners. It’s hard to imagine Jamie’s brothers Aaron and Stefan not wanting some sort of payback, putting them in ‘the game’ as well.

Another character that could be ready to step up is Jaq. Speaking to NME about her character’s motivations ahead of season four, Jobson said: “I think she did (used to have motivations to be the Top Boy). I don’t know if she has the same kind of aspirations now. I feel that she’s kind of changing her perceptions on people that she used to look up to.” After everything that’s happened since, her dedication to climbing the ladder has probably wavered even more.

Oh, did we mention that the police investigation that has an intimate knowledge of their entire drug running empire is still going on?