‘Black Mirror’ Season 5: Release date, trailers, cast and everything we know so far

The next instalment of the anthology series is fast-approaching

Charlie Brooker’s scarily accurate dystopian series Black Mirror will return for a fifth season in June, which, to be honest, is bloody brilliant news. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming new season of the acclaimed Netflix show.

Latest Updates:

  • Creepy character poster teases Miley Cyrus’ episode
  • Charlie Brooker reveals why season 5 only has three episodes
  • The first song from season 5 has been released
  • More clips and plot details from the upcoming episodes have been shared
  • The first full trailer has arrived – confirming that season 5 will consist of just three episodes

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Do we have a release date for Black Mirror season 5?

Yes! Netflix has confirmed that season 5 of Black Mirror will premiere on its streaming service on June 5.


Brooker said that production on the series’ ambitious choose-your-own-adventure movie Bandersnatch pushed back the release date of season 5.

“We knew going into it that it would be difficult and challenging and more complicated than a normal film that we would do. Even then, we underestimated,” Brooker told The Hollywood Reporter back in January. “As the story expanded, I like to say that the story got longer and it got wider. So the whole thing started expanding a bit like an inflatable life raft in a small room.”

He added: “We knew going into it that this would impact our time, but it hasn’t stopped us from doing other films. I think it’s fair to say that it took us more time and effort than we had initially anticipated.”

How many episodes will there be in season 5?

Returning to the format of seasons 1 and 2, season 5 of Black Mirror will consist of just three episodes: ‘Smithereens’, ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too’ and ‘Striking Vipers’.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Charlie Brooker revealed that Bandersnatch was the reason for this season’s shorter run.


“Originally, Bandersnatch was part of season five,” said Brooker. “So ‘Striking Vipers’, we actually shot before we started shooting Bandersnatch. ‘Smithereens’, a little bit of that overlapped with Bandersnatch.

“But then as we worked on it more, it became apparent that Bandersnatch was the equivalent of doing a whole season in itself.”

He went on to reveal that the interactive movie was due to form part of season 5, but was concerned that viewers wouldn’t be able to access it on certain devices. “You don’t want to launch a season and you can’t watch all of it,” Brooker explained.

“It was [releasing three episodes] or make people wait longer,” he added. “We could’ve just made everyone wait, but we thought ‘No… let’s disappoint them sooner!'”

Is there a trailer for Black Mirror season 5?

YES! The season 5 trailer is here, featuring teasing glimpses of the three upcoming stories and previewing the likes of Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott and Anthony Mackie in their respective leading roles. Check it out below.

On May 21, Black Mirror shared a trio of clips which individually previewed the upcoming three episodes.

In the trailer for the Cyrus-starring episode ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too’, we see the ‘Bangerz’ singer appearing on a TV chat show. “The reason I’m here is to introduce you to Ashley Too,” Cyrus’ character says as she unveils an Alexa-like robot version of herself. Things, of course, then begin to take a sinister turn…

We’ve also seen the character poster for Miley’s episode – which teases a somewhat creepy Barbie-like doll inside a box. Check it out below.


A second clip for Andrew Scott’s episode ‘Smithereens’ shows him portraying a taxi driver who takes an alternate route to the airport before turning a gun on his passenger.

And, finally, the trailer for ‘Striking Vipers’ sees a couple using a fertility app and encountering relationship problems – with the male character acting suspiciously. “There’s something going on,” his partner accusingly tells him.

Who’s starring in Black Mirror season 5?

‘Smithereens’ will star Andrew Scott in the lead role, with Damson Idris and Topher Grace also confirmed on the castlist. James Hawes is the director.

‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too’ will feature Miley Cyrus, Angourie Rice and Madison Davenport.

‘Striking Vipers’ will see Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nicole Beharie, Pom Klementieff and Ludi Lin all starring.

Who’s written the music for season 5?

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Ryuichi Sakamoto

An array of musicians were no doubt recruited for the new episodes, with Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto being announced as the first on May 22. Sakamoto scored the ‘Smithereens’ episode, and his score will be digitally released in full on Milan Records on June 7 (a separate vinyl release will follow at a later date).

For now, though, we’ve been treated to the Sakamoto-composed track ‘this is my last day’ – check it out below.

Any idea of the plot?

Netflix have released short synopses for the three episodes ahead of the June 5 release date. ‘Smithereens’ will kick off the new season, and it will see Andrew Scott playing “a cab driver with an agenda [who] becomes the centre of attention on a day that rapidly spirals out of control”.

“A lonely teenager yearns to connect with her favourite pop star – whose charmed existence isn’t quite as rosy it appears…” the synopsis for ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too’ reads.

And finally, ‘Striking Vipers’ will tell the story of “two estranged college friends [who] reunite in later life, triggering a series of events that could alter their lives forever.”

bandersnatch critics
Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker described what to expect in season 5 in an interview with The New York Times back in December 2018: “We’re doing more optimistic episodes and stories, rather than just dystopian and negative ones. We want to keep the show interesting for us.”

Co-showrunner Annabel Jones told the Radio Times that the episodes “are all different tones, so [doing the full series] is quite similar to Bandersnatch in that respect”. Brooker also hinted that season five would present a “mix” of the show’s usual nihilism with some slightly lighter episodes.

We also know that Miley Cyrus will star in ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too’ as a pop-star with a mysterious background. As the below poster shows, things will get predictably creepy.


Could we see a sequel to fan-favourite ‘San Junipero’ in season 5?

San Junipero

Nope, sorry. When NME asked about a sequel to the fan-favourite episode, Brooker responded: “In terms of a sequel to ‘San Junipero’, no, certainly not in its current form – I don’t think we’d revisit those characters unless we had a really, really good reason. And I very much doubt that we would do that as an episode. Maybe as a graphic novel or some sort of commemorative biscuit; but we wouldn’t want to pick that apart and tinker with it, as we’d like to leave Kelly and Yorkie where they are.”

And what about another Black Mirror film?

Brooker has revealed that another movie would be unlikely, telling NME: “We would need a really good idea to do a movie… because we feel like they’re little movies anyway. So unless we had an idea that needed $300 million, I think we’re incredibly lucky to be doing what we’re doing.”

And if you’re hankering for a Black Mirror movie fix, well, you can always go back and re-watch Bandersnatch

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