‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’: did you spot these Easter Eggs?

Spoilers ahead!

Though the stories are self-contained, Black Mirror episodes always pack in plenty of references to the show’s wider universe, and latest instalment Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is no different. Show runners Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones created a “choose your own adventure” film that fully immerses viewers into the latest Black Mirror world, and it’s stuffed full of Easter Eggs. From prime minster Michael Callow (from the show’s first ever episode), to San Junipero, here are all the Easter Eggs you may have missed.


A poster seen behind Stefan and boss Mohan shows a video game called Metl Hedd, referencing Metalhead the fifth episode of season four, and its killer robotic dogs.

The secret ending


There are several endings to ‘Bandersnatch’, but one of them features the episode’s best Easter Egg. In this finale we see Stefan listening to a tape, which plays some unusual noises. Fans have realised that if you run the sounds through a ZX Spectrum emulator it will reveal a QR code, and if you follow the link in it you get to a page on the Tuckersoft website where you can download one of the games shown in the episode, Nohzdyve (a reference to the season three episode Nosedive).

But there’s more! According to the team at The Wrap, you’ll be greeted with a surprise conclusion if you stick with Bandersnatch long enough.

After exploring several paths, they say that they were given an ending that involved Stefan’s plush rabbit which his father may have hidden.

They were eventually provided with the chance to return to Stefan’s childhood, where they’re offered the chance to let young Stefan join his mom on the late train, despite knowing that they both would die  in the accident that killed oher.

If you click “yes,” it will jump straight to the present, where it’s revealed that Stefan mysteriously died in his therapist’s office. The credits will then roll.



In Bandersnatch we see references to the Tuckersoft game Nohzdyve, as mentioned above. If you go to the website of the show’s video game company, Tuckersoft, and head to the Metl Hedd page, you can click a fake banner advertisement at the bottom which will take you to a page that gives you the chance to rate your friends, like in the original Nosedive episode.

White Bear

White Bear was the second episode of season two of Black Mirror, and it concerned a woman being pursued by armed killers and voyeuristic onlookers. In Bandersnatch, the White Bear logo appears on posters, on screens and in magazines, and in certain endings we see Stefan drawing the logo in prison.


Saint Juniper Hospital

Stefan’s psychiatrist works at Saint Juniper Hospital, which is a reference to the beloved San Junipero episode of Black Mirror. And this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this! In season four episode Black Museum, one of the characters, Rolo Haynes, worked at a Saint Juniper Hospital!


Rolo Haynes

Another reference to Black Museum in Bandersnatch is Stefan’s psychiatrist, Dr. R Haynes. Could it be that Dr Haynes and Rolo Haynes (the proprietor of the museum) are related?

TCKR Systems

First introduced in season three, technology company TCKR Systems has appeared regularly in the Black Mirror-universe. We saw it in San Junipero (where they created the technology that meant elderly and dead people could pass into an alternate reality) and in Black Museum (museum proprietor Rolo Haynes had worked for them). And it appears in Bandersnatch as Tuckersoft, the software house Stefan works for.

Bandersnatch is back

Bandersnatch had actually been referenced in past Black Mirror episodes. In season three episode Playtest, a copy of a magazine shows a list of game reviews, one of which is Bandersnatch.

In the news

Throughout the episode we see references to further old episodes of Black Mirror. At one point a news report flashes up saying Michael Callow has won Celebrity Bake Off. Callow featured in the first ever episode of the show, The National Anthem, as the prime minster.

We also see several references to past Black Mirror episodes in a newspaper story about Stefan killing his father. Each of the stories on the right hand side of the article throws back to a previous instalment of the anthology series, with “The Love Machine” being Hang the DJ, “Space Fleet” being USS Callister and “15 Million Talent Team” being Fifteen Million Merits.