‘Euphoria’: all the questions we’re left with after season one

There's plenty we need answering in season 2

Euphoria, the hard-hitting HBO hit series that just landed in the UK, certainly kept us guessing throughout its eight episodes as storylines twisted and turned, and characters progressed and changed in unpredictable ways. After the finale, though, we’re left with even more questions and a long, agonising wait before we get any potential answers. 

Is Rue dead?

In the final scenes of the finale, we see Rue relapse and fall back onto her bed. Seconds later, she’s been pulled back up by an unseen force and begins jerkily flying through her house and out onto the street where she’s surrounded by a choir and marching band. Many fans have taken it to mean she overdosed and died, although creator Sam Levinson has confirmed that not to be the case. If that’s true, though, what did happen to her?

So what was her mum’s speech for in the finale?

A key factor in fans believing Rue was dead was the monologue her mum gave in the finale. She delivered it from a stage in what could have been a church, Rue’s little sister Gia sat looking sad beside her. Rue was seen in the pews but that could easily have been her ghost. With it confirmed that our narrator isn’t dead, we’re left wondering what exactly that speech was for.


Cal Jacobs Euphoria

Will Maddy expose Cal?

Things could get even more difficult for the Jacobs family in season 2. In season 1’s last episode, after another fight with Nate, Maddy finds the DVD of Cal having sex with Jules in his room and takes it. At the time, she’s unaware of what’s on it, but once she watches it, what will she do? And why did Nate have it in his room in the first place?

Who’s the third brother in the Jacobs family?

Speaking of the Jacobs, there’s some mystery over the third kid in the family. On both the photo on Cal’s phone screen and the portrait hung in their house, we see three brothers. But so far, we’ve only been introduced to Nate and Adam. Who is the third and why has he never been mentioned?

Euphoria Kat

Who’s behind the disguised voice that pays Kat to strip for him on Skype?

As Kat’s camgirl business continues to grow, she gets a request from a man to Skype for 30 minutes in exchange for $300. Initially, she turns him down, but then he buys everything on her Amazon Wishlist for her. When they come to Skype, his camera is turned off and his voice disguised. Just who is he? Some fans have theorised it’s Ethan, which would definitely be an interesting twist considering that uplifting moment between the pair in the finale.

Will Tyler get justice?

After Nate choked Maddy at the carnival, he came up with a seriously evil plan to clear his name with the cops. Not content with already having beaten Tyler within an inch of his life, he returned to the college student’s apartment to give him a choice – ‘fess up to abusing Maddy or be accused of raping her in McKay’s pool. As things threaten to spill out of Nate’s control, will the police catch on and discover the real perpetrator or will Tyler continue to take the blame for a crime he didn’t commit?


Euphoria Fez

What will Mouse do to Fez?

After Nate tipped the police off about Fez’s drug-dealing business, he was forced to flush the drugs Mouse had fronted him for. Left needing to make up the money, he robs the doctor who supplies Mouse but things turn nasty when said doctor pulls a gun on Fez. A bloody fight ensues with some of the doctor’s platelets getting on the cash he takes to Mouse. The last we see of Fez is him asking, “We good?” as Mouse stares moodily between him and the blood-splattered bucks. Will Fez survive?

Will Cassie and McKay’s relationship last after her abortion?

When Cassie tells McKay she’s pregnant in episode 7, he doesn’t react well. Instead of asking her what she wants to do and offering her support, he basically tries to shut down any positive connection she could have with keeping it, treating her as if she’s naive and stupid for even considering it. In the finale, Cassie does what he wants and gets an abortion, but McKay is nowhere to be seen. Will they be able to keep it together after this?

Will Rue and Jules get back together?

The last time we see Jules, she’s on a train to the city, Rue having pulled out of their plan to escape together at the very last minute. That leaves things very up in the air for “Rules”’ future – will Jules ever return? If she does, will she and Rue be able to form a lasting relationship? Or will Jules fall in love with someone else instead?

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