Game of Thrones: The big questions we want answered in Season 7’s epic finale

Get ready for The Long Night

After a breathless, and quite simply ludicrous sixth episode, the shortened Season 7 of Game of Thrones will come to a close next week with its no doubt epic finale. With the show just penned in for a handful more episodes – it’s getting down to business time and there’s a whole host of questions we want answered before Westeros sets in for The Long Night, and the second half of Season 7 arrives in 2019.

Will everyone make it out of the meeting alive?

As Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister and her estranged brother Tyrion all convene for a epic conference in King’s Landing – it’s hard to believe that every character will come out alive. Cersei has been plotting her rivals’ downfall for a while, and with Team Targaryen blindly walking into the Lion’s Den, it could spell catastrophe for someone. Who, though, is up for debate. But with Tyrion continuing to make enemies on both sides, it could be him who gets the chop.

Will Tyrion’s White Walker ploy success?


The Eastwatch Seven’s daring mission came off, as they managed to capture a live White Walker and get it back their side of the wall. Tyrion has been famously caught short several times in this Season with his plans for Daenerys’ conquering of Westeros – so if his ploy to liase with Cersei backfires again, or even alerts The Night King and his new Ice Dragon to their position, it could spell the end for several main characters.

Are Daenerys and Jon going to get it on?

It certainly looks that way. The pair shared some intimate hand-holding and nickname-calling upon Jon’s return from beyond The Wall, and there’s been several hints to a possible romance between the pair in the latest episodes. Little do they know that they’re almost certainly related – as discovered by Gilly’s shocking revelation in Episode 4. Gross.

Are the Stark sisters plotting to kill each other?

 Littlefinger’s deceitful plot to drive a wedge between the newly reunited Stark sisters has worked. Arya is hinting at all kind of grizzly stuff, after Littlefinger allowed helped her discover Sansa’s letter denouncing their father from Season 1, and Sansa wants to hold onto the North’s brittle alliance as Lady of Winterfell. Arya’s storylines often feature a twist or two, so maybe she’s in on it, and is using it to get the real meddler out of the frame – Littlefinger.

Where are Sam and Gilly going?

After his sh*t time at The Citadel, we last saw Samwell Tarly and Gilly leaving the historic town with a stack of potentially explosive reading material. Sam’s been sheltered from the outside world during his time at The Citadel – so if he’s heading back north to share some findings with Jon, he might be a bit late.

He could, of course, go and take up his seat as one of the last remaining members of House Tarly at The Reach. He’s the last surviving male heir following his father and brother’s noble/dumb decision to be burnt to a crisp by Daenerys’ dragons.


Why is Bran being such a dick?

Look, we know that Bran’s had a bit of a brain overload after becoming the Three Eyed Raven, but we know he has the power to help everyone out – so why isn’t he? It’s hard to say really. One theory has suggested that The Night King is actually a Stark, and with Bran’s time travelling abilities, that it’s Bran who’s actually leader of the army of the dead. Far fetched sure, but would explain his unwillingness to help anyone out right now.