Fans Have A Serious Problem With The Way Gilmore Girls Drink Coffee

There's a coffee drought in Stars Hollow.

Fans have waited the best part of a decade for the return of Gilmore Girls. Now they have it, and they don’t really like it.

Note how the greatest praise here is for hair and a micropig.


There are big issues, like how Rory became condescending, feckless and awful sometime in her 10-year journalism career, that quite serious fat shaming, and how Paul, a guy who remembers his girlfriend’s mother’s boyfriend’s love of antique wrenches, is sidelined in favour of cheating posho Logan. Those crazy gals!

But there’s still room to sweat the small stuff. Largely, how the Gilmore Girls propmaster couldn’t afford any real coffee to put in the empty coffee cups.


It’s not as though they’ve never had any practice. It’s quite heavily emphasized as a ‘kooky’ character trait.


So why can’t they hold their cups properly?

They must have forgotten during the nine year break.

And how does Lorelai’s pink jacket stay so spotless when she sloshes around her coffee LIKE THERE’S NOTHING IN THE CUP.

Caffeine addiction is so much more adorable when you’re drinking air.

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