The Mighty Croquembouche – how Noel Fielding brought surreal humour to Bake Off

Fielding's eccentricity carried forward to his new role

In 100 years time people will look back on 2017, where Trump is president and in the back of everyone’s mind is the worry of a potential nuclear war, and wonder, “why did millions of people sit and avidly watch a show about people baking a posh back garden.”

It’s inexplicably popular. It has better story arcs than Game of Thrones. It’s Bake Off, and it’s back.

Last night the Great British Bake Off made its much-anticipated return, but this time it came on Channel 4, with added advert breaks and a distinct lack of Mary Berry, Mel or Sue. The first series of the competitive baking show away from its first home on the BBC, most of the original line-up decided against making the move. Restaurateur Prue Leith has replaced Berry, and Paul Hollywood became the last man standing of the original foursome, snaking his way to the new show.


And with the departure of Britain’s favourite innuen-duo Mel and Sue, in came the new hosts Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig. The pair brought unexpectedly charming chemistry and humour, and fans were quick to praise the new duo.

But it wouldn’t be a Noel Fielding appearance without a few utterly bizarre moments, and of course the presenter brought his own brand of absurd humour to the show. Here are the most Noel Fielding things that happened on the Bake Off last night.

When he arrived like this:

When he declared, “time is not an illusion” to encourage the bakers to hurry up and finish:


When he was told that nobody would eat a marigold, so he did.

And what did it taste like? “It tasted like a clown’s nose” obviously.

This moment, that really needs no introduction:

When he asked the all-important questions:

When he constantly referred to contestants’ “fruity cakes”

But Noel made sure to keep some of the classic Bake Off tropes – giving a contestant the pep talk he needed, but didn’t deserve:

And bringing back the innuendo – referring to a contestant’s handbag cake as a “moist clutch”

But what all Boosh fans are waiting for, with this much icing lying about, is an appearance from his infamous character The Moon.

Will we get the cameo we’re hoping for? We’ve got two months to find out.