People are way too obsessed with Rick & Morty’s Pickle Rick

I’m Pickle Rick!

It’s no secret that Rick and Morty fans are some of the most loyal out there. What other show would have thousands of viewers petitioning a major fast food franchise to bring back an obscure 1990s promotional sauce – the mythical McDonald’s Szechuan sauce.

If you’ve caught the latest episode of Rick and Morty you’ll have experienced what may be the goriest one yet. In order to get out of family therapy, Rick transforms himself into a pickle; but it doesn’t go entirely to plan and he ends up on a bit of a killing spree.


And obviously people are obsessed with the latest version of Rick.

Even John Mayer was a fan:

As were The Walking Dead


But dare I say it, are people getting too fanatical about an anthropomorphic pickle? Taking to the internet, people have been showing off their Pickle Rick inspired creations.

There’s been birthday cakes:

This epic remix:

And tattoo promises:

And if you’re already preparing your next Halloween costume, there’s now an extensive plan online on how you could craft your own Pickle Rick costume…

But the cream of the crop is this impressive sculpture that reportedly took hours to craft:


I made a life-sized Pickle Rick.

Now who said the internet had gone too far?