All the questions we want answered in ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ season two

Season 1 spoilers ahead!

Dropping onto Netflix in a binge-able lump, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was the perfect viewing during the build up to Halloween last month. The bewitchingly good drama has it all: properly scary moments, melodramatic teenage drama and gorgeous visuals, and endlessly good fun.

If you’ve already devoured the first season and are waiting impatiently for the next episode drop, you’ll know there are some things that we hope the next instalment will address. Here are all the questions we hope that will be answered next time around.



Is Sabrina one of the Weird Sisters now?

In the final moments of season one we saw Sabrina channelling her inner Wednesday Adams and strutting her stuff with her former high school rivals, the Weird Sisters. Given the fraught relationship she previously had with them, has she had a complete change of heart now she’s a full witch and decided to join their gang?

Will Sabrina go back to Baxter High?

Now she’s a full witch it’s likely that Sabrina will attend the Academy of Unseen Arts, instead of Baxter High where her pals go. A mortal education seems redundant now she’s no longer half mortal, so will season two see an end to her schooling at Baxter?

Will Sabrina find out who Miss Wardwell really is?


Sabrina’s favourite teacher, Miss Wardwell, was possessed by Madam Satan at the beginning of the series, and has spent her time trying to get Sabrina to become a full witch and signing the Book of the Beast (under instructions from her master, the Dark Lord). When Sabrina started to suspect her, Madam Satan lied saying she was an excommunicated witch sent by her dead father to look out for her; but will we see Sabrina realise who she really is?


And will Sabrina find out that Madam Satan basically coerced her into undertaking her dark baptism?

At the end of series one we saw Sabrina undertake her “dark baptism”, the ritual required to become a full witch. This is something she’d been resistant to do throughout the entire series, clinging to the mortal half of her life; but eventually decided to do it so she could use her powers to protect the town of Greendale from the Greendale Thirteen (witches that were sacrificed years earlier and were conjured by Madam Satan, who knows they’ll want revenge on the town). At the moment Sabrina believes it was totally her own choice to undergo the transformation, but will we see her work out that certain moments out of her control that lead to that choice.

Why is the Dark Lord so keen to ensure Sabrina becomes a full witch?

The Dark Lord is so desperate to ensure Sabrina undergoes the ritual he sends Madam Satan to Greendale to make it happen, but why? Why is it so essential that the teenager becomes a full witch? And what is this prophecy that keeps being mentioned and Sabrina is involved in?

Who was Ambrose’s mentor?

Throughout the first series we learn more and more about why Sabrina’s cousin Ambrose (Chance Perdomo) is under house arrest and about his past. It’s revealed that after studying at Oxford he eventually became the mentee of “young Crowley” and ended up getting involved in their plan to blow up the Vatican. Yet Ambrose refuses to give up the name of this “young Crowley”, so who is it?

What’s going to happen to Blackwood’s baby daughter?

At the end of the season Father Blackwood’s wife dies in childbirth whilst giving birth to the couple’s twins. Yet instead of being two boys, as was expected, Lady Blackwood first has a baby girl. Zelda fears for the child’s life (as Blackwood was desperate to have sons to carry on his legacy, so could have hurt the baby girl so his first born was a son), so takes the baby girl and hides her away, telling Blackwood that the larger twin consumed the other in the womb. Zelda is then seen telling Hilda they could raise the child in secret, so will this happen? And will Blackwood find out he has a daughter?

Will Harvey and Sabrina get back together?

The young couple break up when Harvey finds out she’s a witch (after Sabrina had attempted necromancy to bring Harvey’s brother Tommy back from the dead, and Harvey ended up having to kill the soulless Tommy); but will season two see them reconcile? Or is Sabrina going to be wooed by Nick Scratch, who’s been trying it on with her all season?