The scariest moments in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Season one spoilers ahead!

Spooky season may be over for another year, but even though your hastily carved pumpkin has started to rot and you don’t have a real excuse to cover yourself in fake blood anymore, that doesn’t mean you can’t still indulge in some frightfully good television. If you haven’t binge-watched The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix yet, what’s stopping you?

The TV reboot is packed full of delicious melodrama, beautiful cinematography and an incredibly watchable cast. And also, it can be actually, properly scary. Gone are the days of Melissa Joan Hart’s talking cat and the wholesome family sitcom format, and instead we have plentiful gore, moments of psychological thriller and some terrifying demons to deal with.

Don’t believe us? Here are some of the scariest moments from the first season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Spoilers follow!

Zelda and Hilda, Episode 2


Family arguments, we all have them; only in the Spellman household they seem to be solved by Zelda decking her younger sister Hilda with a hammer and burying her in the garden. When asked by her nephew asks where his other aunt is, Zelda coldly quips “she annoyed me, so I killed her, and buried her in the yard.” Equally frightful was what follows, when Hilda then digs her way out of her grave, and returns to the family home.

The Harrowing, Episode 4

Think uni society freshers initiations, but on crack. When new students join the Academy of Unseen Arts, they’re hazed by a group of the popular students, and Sabrina is no different. Only, when she has to suffer through the bullying, which involves a traumatic night of hearing her family and friends being killed and her not being able to do anything about it, Sabrina finds out that in the past children have been killed during these initiations.

Batibat, Episode 5

The sleep demon spent an episode haunting the Spellman house (after Sabrina accidentally released it), and torturing each family member in their dreams. Through a series of eerie dream sequences we see Zelda fearing she’s permanently killed her sister Hilda, and Sabrina worrying about losing her beau Harvey if he finds out she’s a witch; but the creepiest dream comes courtesy of Ambrose, who in a slasher style nightmare deals with being trapped in the house. This is all on top of the actual demon being properly, hideously scary.

The Feast of Feasts, episode 7


Episode seven sees Sabrina and the Spellman family involved in an old Church of Night tradition called the Feast of Feasts. This is basically ‘Hunger Games’ style ritual, where 14 families all put forward a (female) tribute, and one of them is picked by the dark lord to be the “queen of the feast”. The “Queen” spends some time being pampered, and then has the great honour of being eaten by the rest of the coven at the feast. That’s right, it’s time for some good, old-fashioned cannibalism. Sabrina opposes to the arcane tradition and almost avoids one of the girls becoming the main course, until during the ceremony one of the tributes Mildred slits her own throat so the tradition can continue. And then the congregation then launch upon her like a pack of rabid dogs, eating Mildred raw.

Necromancy, episode 8

After it’s revealed that two girls from school (Agatha and Dorcas) caused an accident in the mines which killed Sabrina’s boyfriend’s brother Tommy; she wants revenge, and she also wants Tommy back from the dead. Doing some research into necromancy, Sabrina realises she could bring him back to life, so performs the spell with help from some pals. However the dark magic requires a sacrifice to work, so resident nice girl Sabrina callously slits her schoolmate Agatha’s throat.