Stranger Things: Check out these banging character-inspired playlists

You know as well as we do that Stranger Things is more than just the story of a bunch of kids chasing out a shit-scary monster out of town. It’s about the throwback references, the blossoming bromances, the love triangles, the costumes and more. But the show’s music is of great importance too.

The spooky soundtrack by SURVIVE is the perfect accompaniment, with haunting synths and doomy bass lines hinting at the darkness of calamity in Hawkins. There are some great choices for original music too: New Order’s ‘Elegia’ crept into Season One, as did Television, The Clash, The Smiths, Joy Division and more. So basically, we trust this lot.

So it will be no surprise then, that Netflix have knocked it out of the park with their character influenced-Spotify playlists. Based around your listening habits, it matches you to a banging playlist stuffed with music that reflects the character and your tastes. Here, take a look at them below and get your own match here.


Eleven’s Breakfast Jams

The vibe: ‘An early-morning playlist for an Eggo-loving, telekinetic riot grrrl. Wake up and smell the whoop-ass.’
Expect to hear: Lorde, Madonna, Patti Smith

Lucas’ Bike-Around Tracks

The vibe: ‘Super-hip, retro, and contempo hits to jam to when biking around with your wolf pack.’
Expect to hear: Queen, Frank Ocean, Curtis Mayfield

Mad Max’s Sk8 Sessions

The vibe: ‘Early-’80s punk meets classic California surf rock for our favorite skate princess.’
Expect to hear: David Bowie, Mac DeMarco, The Byrds


Dustin’s Curiosity Jams

The vibe: ‘Songs to listen to when you’re going on a curiosity voyage, Mr. Clarke-approved.’
Expect to hear: The Doors, Talking Heads, Temper Trap

Mike’s Bassment Beats

The vibe: ‘Bass-heavy synth-pop to power a 5-hour D&D sesh.’
Expect to hear: Magic Sword, A Flock of Seagulls, Naked Eyes

Nancy’s Slaylist

The vibe: Fierce songs to fuel Nancy’s fire when setting bear traps and slinging guns.
Expect to hear: Diana Ross, Eminem, Cher

Steve’s Morning Hair Grooves

The vibe: ‘Steve’s favorite yacht rock to preen to when getting ready. Yuppie hits of yesterday and today’.
Expect to hear: Tears For Fears, Human League, Billy Ocean

Billy’s Pedal To The Metal

The vibe: ‘80s hair metal and aggro rock paired best with after-school beatdowns, road rage, and mullets’.
Expect to hear: Aerosmith, Beastie Boys, CRX

Joyce’s Halloween House Party

The vibe: Trick-or-treat favorites to set the scene for the ultimate Byers Halloween bash.
Expect to hear: Michael Jackson, Ray Parker Jr., The Doors

Demogorgon’s Upside Downers

The vibe: ‘Death metal to turn that smile Upside Down, from your faceless neighborhood demon prince’.
Expect to hear: Slayer, Feral, Deafhaven