Is new Netflix show ‘The OA’ just ‘Stranger Things’ without the kids – or is it part of the same universe?

The trailer looks spookily familiar

Today we’re all watching a new trailer for The OA, a sci-fi drama and psychological thriller that drops on Netflix this Friday – and might just become a whirlwind success.

The synopsis (from what we can gather from the trailer)

A young woman (Prairie Johnson, played by Brit Marling) goes missing and returns to her family seven years later. At first she doesn’t recognise them. It is revealed that when she went missing she was blind; she has now miraculously gained her sight, but can only recognise her parents from touch memory.


She then begins to talk about what happened when she went missing. “I didn’t disappear. I was present for all of it,” she says. The trailer cuts through clips of Prairie going through scientific experiments, slipping off the edge of a boat into the sea, running through the woods, and being spied upon through a door, revealing strange red and orange markings on her back. She rides on the back of a bicycle as the video cuts to a lorry falling from a viaduct. Cue lots of crescendo, running, blood falling backwards and, finally, the woman standing in a glass box in a house. It’s creepy as hell, and looks pretty incredible.

The new Stranger Things? The sequel to Stranger Things?

It’s very Stranger Things, but there’s no kid in sight. Take the scientific experimentation for example:

Very reminiscent of Eleven’s sensory deprivation tank.

And the bike riding. And van crashing.



This video is taken from The OA Instagram page.

Quite Eleven-like, don’t you think?


They’ve done several collage images, taking individual Instagram squares to create a larger image. And one of those images? UPSIDE DOWN.

theoa_instagram_upsidedownThe OA/Instagram

And if this doesn’t give you Stranger Things feels, I don’t know what will.

theoa_strangerthings_sensoryThe OA/Instagram

Could The OA and Stranger Things be part of the same universe? Is Prairie Johnson an adult Eleven, or another one of Papa’s experiments from the Hawkins National Laboratory? Or is The OA just piggybacking on the Netflix success of July’s spooky thriller? Either way, it’s rather exciting.

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