The Walking Dead’s crap CGI deer looks like it wandered out of Minecraft

Deer oh deer

We’ve all heard the one about the deer with no eyes, but what do you call a deer with no soul? In The Walking Dead‘s latest episode, ‘Say Yes’, Rick Grimes had his back against a fairground ride, surrounded by zombies, and to escape the situation, he decided to shoot a nearby deer as a fresh-meat distraction. Only problem was, that deer looked like it had wandered straight out of Minecraft.

The glossy cervid in question was at the nadir of uncanny valley. It didn’t catch the light in the right way; it didn’t cast a realistic shadow, it didn’t fit cleanly into the 3D space it was meant to be occupying. It looked about as convincing as Donkey in Shrek. The result is totally jarring, especially considering there was a real-life deer in the second season of The Walking Dead. By comparison, this seventh season seems to be having weird budgeting issues – a lot of money seems to have been spent on making the zombies look as awesome as possible; deer, not so much.


Twitter’s reaction was strong, and there were many pisstakes. Pisstakes like this one:

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Other fans couldn’t quite believe how cheap the show looked:

And some even thought they could have done a better job:

Deer oh deer.