Friends Like These: Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish

Watch the comedy duo and 6 Music legends Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish reminisce over their long friendship and careers so far

“I’m very much like Bowie and you’re very much like Freddie Mercury,” offers filmmaker Joe Cornish to his childhood friend and comedy partner Adam Buxton. “Because I’m willowy and handsome and you’re short and hairy.”

Perhaps that’s where the similarities of the famous pals end, or perhaps not. To find out, we put Adam and Joe through their paces for our Friends Like These series, to really get to know them.

As their cult classic ’90s comedy series The Adam And Joe Show finally hits streaming, the dynamic duo and 6 Music legends Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish reminisce over how they first met, as well as telling tall tales about bonding over Monty Python, having famous fans in Ewan McGregor and Chris Morris, inspiring Robot Chicken with their toy movie antics, partying with Leonardo DiCaprio at Chateau Marmont (in a way), their career highlights and much, much more.


Watch the full Friends Like These video above at the top of the page, mainly for their stellar karaoke rendition of ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen and David Bowie. STEPHEN!

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