This is what it’s like to have your house on ‘MTV Cribs’

British rap artist Stefflon Don got her gaff in the new series – she tells us what it was like

MTV Cribs, the iconic documentary show which gave fans a glimpse of their favourite artists’ homes before Instagram was even invented, is back for its first new series in 12 years. Guests confirmed for the eight-episode run include The Vamps’ Bradley Simpson, RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Alyssa Edwards, Glee actor Kevin McHale and Selling Sunset’s breakout star Christine Quinn.

The new series kicks off in style with Caitlyn Jenner followed by British rapper Stefflon Don, who lives in a stunning 10-bedroom Essex mansion equipped with a swimming pool, outdoor cinema and English country garden. She shares it with seven other people, though, so shooting the episode wasn’t quite as glitch-free as it might have been…

The shoot takes about six hours to complete


“People might be surprised to hear that doing Cribs isn’t as intense as it looks,” Steff says. “It was actually pretty freestyle and just really cool. I felt really comfortable showing [the crew] around the whole time.”

In fact, the only stressful part of filming was trying to keep the younger members of Steff’s family quiet. “Honestly, they can’t really sit still for more than a minute,” she says, “so when we were filming in the kitchen it would all be going well and then suddenly you’d hear a pot drop or something and we’d have to start again. It was crazy!”

It’s a chance to show fans the real you

“With most artists, you don’t really get to see their personal side unless they have their own reality show, and how many artists have that?” Steff says. “But with MTV Cribs, you get to see artists being naturally themselves as well as who they have around them day-to-day and how they like their house to look. It’s those insights that make you feel more connected to an artist. When you watch this show, you really feel like you’ve learned something new about the artist.”

MTV Cribs
Steff gave MTV the tour of her Essex pad. Credit: MTV

Absolutely nothing is off-limits

“I’m actually in the midst of refurbishing the whole house – like, totally,” Steff says. “I’m extending parts and elevating parts, so there were certain rooms that we couldn’t show because they were about to undergo a whole renovation process and that’s not the sort of thing you wanna see on Cribs. But nothing was off limits for any other reason.”

Steff also says that even though she filmed Cribs less than a month ago, renovation is progressing so swiftly that her house already looks “really different”. Perhaps a follow-up episode could be on the cards?

Steff didn’t change anything about her house for ‘MTV Cribs’ – but her family did


“I actually wasn’t home the day before filming – I only got home that morning and found my family had tidied everything up for the shoot,” Steff recalls. “In my bedroom I’ve got some long curtains and they moved them from the windows on one side of the room to the other, because they said that side looked really empty. And then they put some short curtains up [in their original place] instead. So, can I just say that the curtains you see on Cribs are not the curtains I would have chosen myself.”

And are those short curtains still hanging in Steff’s bedroom? “No.”

MTV Cribs
Nothing was off limits to MTV, says Steff. Credit: MTV

Steff hasn’t actually seen her episode yet

“I have no idea what people’s reaction to my house is gonna be because I haven’t seen what they’ve put in the episode,” Steff says. “I don’t know how the house is gonna look or whether I’m gonna come across as an angel or a little bitch. I’ll just have to wait and see.”

‘MTV Cribs’ airs every Monday at 8pm on MTV – you can catch up on previous episodes via the MTV Play app