Soundtrack Of My Life: comedian Seann Walsh

Funnyman and self-described "most hated comedian in the UK"

The first gig I went to

Culture Club at Wembley Arena, 1999

“It was an ’80s revival concert where Culture Club headlined and Boy George wore a satellite dish as a hat. Heaven 17 and Bananarama were on the bill as well. My mum listened to a lot of New Romantic music when I was growing up and I remember once going clubbing in my late teens fully New Romantic-ked up. I was caked in make-up and had my hair like the guy in A Flock of Seagulls. I really thought I was cool but nobody else that night did, especially girls.”

The first song I fell in love with


Joy Division – ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’

“If a song symbolises me falling in love with music, it’s this one. I was just starting to go clubbing at indie nights and just growing out of my nu-metal phase – I used to really like Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach. And then I remember me and my girlfriend at the time going to see Control, the film about Joy Division, and coming away thinking how cool Ian Curtis was. And right now, this song makes me realise how nice it would be just to go to an indie night again.”

The first album I owned

Michael Jackson – ‘HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I’

“I think everyone my age would say this was their first album. It was kind of a two-parter: the first disc was greatest hits, then the second was new stuff like ‘Stranger In Moscow’. I’ll tell you what though, the second disc also had ‘They Don’t Care About Us’, which is a really great tune.”

The song that reminds me of home


The Maccabees – ‘Love You Better’

“This song reminds me of what I love about stand-up, which in a way is home to me because it reminds me of who I am. The year I got nominated for the award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this was the first song I’d play when the audience were coming in. They were some of the best shows I’d ever had and I couldn’t believe I’d been nominated. So it just has the fondest memories for me – when I hear this song, I instantly think ‘showtime’.”

The song that makes me want to dance

The Killers – ‘Mr. Brightside’

“Now, I never want to dance but if I absolutely had to, I’d pick this song. It’s such a boring answer that I’m almost ashamed of it. I know that one day it will be a dad answer, and I know that day is close. I don’t really drink any more, but if I’m out and ‘Mr. Brightside’ comes on, then I will just go absolutely mental.”


The song I do at karaoke

The Libertines – ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’

“I’ve only done karaoke twice and both times I did ‘All The Small Things’ by Blink-182 who are my favourite band. Anyone can do a bad Tom DeLonge expression, that’s why. But I’d love to do ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ because it’s a bit football chant-y.”


The song I want at my funeral

Blink-182 – ‘Family Reunion’

“This song’s on their live album ‘The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show’ and and the lyrics go: “Shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tit fart turd and twat“. And it’s just that line repeated until the end when it goes: ‘I fucked your mom.” And I want that at my funeral because I like imagining the look on people’s faces.”

The song I can no longer listen to

Elton John – ‘I’m Still Standing’

“I fucking hate this song. When I was on Strictly Come Dancing, we danced to it in week two and I had to rehearse to it all day, every day. And every time I messed up a move we’d have to start the song again. So every fucking minute and a half I’d be hearing that synth intro blaring out at me. Do you know what, I can’t even watch the Rocketman film in case this song comes on.”

Seann Walsh appears on ‘Comedy Against Living Miserably’, which is available to watch on UKTV Play. He’s on tour with ‘Same Again?’ from September 2020

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