Unseen Amy: Never-before-seen pictures of Amy Winehouse

With the DVD release of the heartbreaking documentary Amy and its soundtrack album out now, unseen snaps from 2003 sessions for the artwork of Amy Winehouse’s debut album ‘Frank’ have emerged. “They’re from two sessions, the first was in London and the second was in New York,” says photographer Charles Moriarty. “It was about four months before ‘Frank’ came out. She was great, we had a lot of fun. She was a really kind personality and really gave to you. We had a lot of laughs.”

Amy is available on Blu-ray & DVD from Monday, the soundtrack is released today.

The Ritz Tower, New York

Charles Moriarty: “That’s New York. We got really lucky and stayed in The Ritz Tower. This was just a snapshot in the bathroom while we were getting ready to go out. We had a hectic journey, we only had 24 hours, and it rained most of the time, so all our locations had been taken off the table and we ended up shooting in The Ritz. It was a lot of fun.”

The Ritz, London
Charles Moriarty: “That’s in the laundry room of The Ritz. We were just trying to find a location to have a bit of fun with, and I think Amy had a lot of American kitsch attached to her. She was interested in old Americana, so it sort of fit.”

New York
Charles Moriarty: “This was late in the night in New York. We were making our way through SoHo, and the colours in the phone box just leapt out at me. While we were trying at the time to keep the location neutral, this little moment was fun, and was one of the first images we shot there.”

AMY is available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital from Monday, the soundtrack is released today. For more info on Charles’ images visit www.beforefrank.com.