Watch Biffy Clyro’s track-by-track guide to new album ‘A Celebration Of Endings’

Frontman Simon Neil talks through each and every song on their bombastic ninth album for NME

“The thought behind this whole album is that change is not a bad thing,” Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil tells NME, introducing their bombastic ninth record ‘A Celebration Of Endings’. “Everywhere you turn, no one is giving you the truth. At certain points over the last few years, personally and societally, I’ve thought ‘Where am I turning here?'”

Hailed by NME as “a blast of pure optimism”, ‘A Celebration Of Endings’ feels the album we need in these desperate times – even though it was written and recorded long before COVID-19 and the uprisings of recent months. To understand the record, NME sat down with Neil to go in deep on each and every song.

“We’re all waking up to things that we’ve been asleep to for too long,” Neil continues on the driving force of the songs. “It’s the younger generation who have awoken people like me and said that we don’t need to stick with the status quo.


“Myself and people like me want things to change for the best and want to move forward, but these there are these old bastards just holding on to things with their withered little grips – and they’re terrified of this next generation coming up and actually upsetting what they consider the norm. That’s what the world needs.”

Amen. Watch above as Neil talks NME through the origins and inspiration all the tracks on  ‘A Celebration Of Endings’ – taking in unexpected sounds, Disney lullabies, James Bond themes, sticking it to the man, liberation and a generational reset.