Why do music and addiction go hand in hand? Part three: heroin

Promotional feature with Change Incorporated 

An NME x Change Incorporated documentary about why heroin has been prevalent in the music industry since the 1940s, and what can be done about it. The film features the incisive wisdom of Harry Shapiro (author of numerous books about drugs and alcohol, including 2007’s The Essential Guide to Drugs and Alcohol): “Creative people often have very low self esteem, and you’re taking you’re fragile self into a hard nosed business which takes no prisoners, and it’s hardly surprising in those situations that people find themselves getting into trouble with drugs and alcohol.” Also interviewed are Dan Gillespie Sells (lead singer of The Feeling), Chula Goonewardene (former band member and heroin addict who is now a psychotherapist), Adam Ficek (former member of Pete Doherty’s Babyshambles, who is also now a psychotherapist), unsigned band The Levis, and more.

Advertisement paid for by Change Incorporated (VICE) for its Quit Cigarettes initiative. Philip Morris International funds this initiative but has no editorial input, so may not share the views expressed.

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