Arcadia Glastonbury 2022: Fire, metal and music collide at the spectacular spider

The creative director behind the infamous "rage stage" tells us what to look expect in 2022

Pip Rush, creative director and founder of the notorious Arcadia stage, talks to NME about the magic behind the madness, the lowdown on the metal spider, and the big acts that will perform on the stage at Glastonbury 2022. Watch our mini-documentary above.

“Arcadia is a massive rave stage quite a lot of staffers built out of repurposed military hardware into unifying spaces,” he says. “We have some brilliant music, good DJs, and amazing effects.”

The director revealed that this year’s event showcased huge performers, including Calvin Harris as well as Carl Cox, and Chase & Status doing a set together. He adds that the set would be “brilliant” because “Carl never stops pushing his limits.”


Arcadia Spider
The Arcadia Spider

For Rush, the “biggest thing at the moment” is “getting young people in” to Glastonbury. “[It was] such a bad time during lockdown, and there’s been such a void of opportunity for a lot of young people to get out there at festivals and start making stuff. We’ve kind of thrown the doors open we’ve got a lot of younger people getting involved.”

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