Glastonbury 2022’s Shangri-La: “We had to bring everyone back together”

NME talks to the creative director and producer of this year's Shangri-La

Creative director Kaye Dunnings and creative producer and director Robin Collings talk to NME about bringing Shangri-La back to Glastonbury Festival following a two-year hiatus. Watch our interview above.

This year’s theme, ‘We The People’, focuses on community, collaboration, and hope for the next generation and Collings admits to us that bringing that message to Worthy Farm this year was “a bit daunting at first.”

“The process leading up to the point where we arrived on site was a bit of a roller coaster but actually getting back on the farm and seeing the faces and as the build progresses, there’s just a constant trickle in of loads of people we love.


Shangri-LA Credit: Andy Ford

Although their community-focused theme works well for people coming together after the pandemic, Dunnings tells us they originally planned to use ‘We The People’ in 2020 because “it already felt like people were dissipated.”

“We had to just bring everyone back together,” she says, adding: “that’s how we feel like change will be made by reconnecting again.”

“In this time, it’s quite easy to feel powerless, and to feel a bit separated,” Collings says and Dunnings agrees, adding that this year’s theme is important because “collective energy is so strong, it’s the most powerful force there is I think.”

She continues: “We wanted people to experience what it’s like to live on the road, what it’s like to experience themselves with new technology and what it’s like to think differently. There are alternatives to the way we live and the way we think.”

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