Glastonbury reacts to Jeremy Corbyn’s heroic speech

Was this the biggest ever crowd at Glastonbury?

Glastonbury usually reserves crowds of over 100,000 for the Sunday legend slot, but the festival’s rarely booked someone as popular as Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour leader made the first of two appearances earlier today (June 24), where he introduced Run the Jewels to the Pyramid Stage.

Corbyn’s speech put the case forward for a fairer, more equal society. “Let us be together and recognise another world is possible, if we come together to… achieve a decent, better society where everybody matters,” he declared, to rapturous applause and chants of his name, set to the tune of The White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’. “Build bridges not walls,” was the message.


For every Glastonbury reveller who managed to catch Corbyn, there was another stuck in a crowd scrum, wedged between a tree and a hundred strangers. Not everyone had the best view for Jezza’s speech:

Corbyn drew a bigger crowd than Adele’s headline set in 2016, and it’s unlikely this year’s ‘legend slot’, Barry Gibb, will match it. The idea of a politician turning up to a music festival and being cheered by hundreds of thousands of people seems laughable, but the political tide is turning in 2017. 


After making big gains in this month’s general election, Labour are now ahead in many opinion polls. People are wondering if they’d win another election if it was held today.

And upping his legendary status, Corbyn pulled pints for Glasto punters ahead of the set. It’s fair to say he’s having a good time.

He’ll continue his Glastonbury experience later today, where he speaks at the Leftfield stage. 

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